Brethil's Barrier

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Brethil's Barrier
Type: Crafting
Curate Brethil 
Located at:
Oasis of Brethil 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest:  
Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Sirennis Pollen

Curate Brethil is investigating the properties of a special plant found only in the canyons and oasis. Known as the Sirennis Bulb, the Curate believes it could have magical properties.

Quest text[edit]

Brethil tells you, <player>, good, good! I was hoping you might venture to this remote oasis! Your fame precedes you, of course. We have heard much of your exploits, even in this corner of the desert.

Brethil tells you, What am I doing here? Well, that is a long story that I have my doubts you would be interested to hear more than a few words of. Let me summarize for you. I am a Curate of the Clerical Order, but before I joined the Order I was a scholar and a member of the New Rachival Research Institute.

Brethil tells you, Yes, the very same organization founded by the Gnomes and Humans. Few Elves join it, it is true, but my people are often focused on research in other areas... the forest, nature, the martial arts. I am also sad to say that my people are not good at sharing.

*he laughs* It is true! We hoard our knowledge like Dwarves hoard treasure.

Brethil tells you, Few of my people venture out here into the desert, even when we were living in exile in Tazoon! While I was at the Tower of Healing, I heard mention of these ruins and this Oasis, strange plants and creatures. So I came out here to see them for myself.

Brethil tells you, What an incredible place, this is, rich in life, but also with danger. I discovered these plants, the Sirennis Bulb I call them. They exhibit amazing magical properties and I believe I can use them to expand my knowledge and that of others.

Brethil tells you, I will explain more, but first I must ask you to collect twelve units of pollen from the plants and return here to me.

Brethil tells you, Excellent! You are as useful as they say, <player>. Yes, this pollen will work.

Brethil tells you, Elteria, this pollen turned out to be quite useful! I ground it and was able to combine it with an essence orb to craft a spell... I call it Brethil's Barrier. For your assistance, I will give it to you.


  • Listen to Brethil
  • Gather twelve (12) Sirennis Pollen from the Sirennis Bulbs found around the Oasis
  • Return to Curate Brethil with the Sirennis Pollen
  • Speak to Brethil about the pollen