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Arbotus creatures are two legged beasts with a giant mouth, and are the larger and more dangerous relatives of the Ruxus. They eat all that they can swallow, and due to the forest habitat in which they live, they have developed bark like skin with sticks and leaves growing out of them. They also tend to swallow squirrels, which are freed upon killing an Arbotus. They are social creatures that live in herds, and if an Arbotus near another is attacked, the others will defend it and devour the attacker.

Usally Arbotus are found on the west coast of Dikaina Island, in the forest areas between Lerena and Dikaina. However, some wandered to the middle of the three islands that are west of Lerena, probably to live in peace on their own on the two small hills covered in forest. Usually no adventurers bother to go there, since you have to wade through water and it is a rather large detour.

Some may think the squirrels harass you when you kill the Arbotus. But they thank you, kind of.

Apparently David Bowman was giving the squirrel the voice. It says: "Woohoo, I’m a freeee maaaaan! Yeehaa! I get to pick..nuts and berries and run through the forest like a good little squirrel. I’m gonna have a life now, boy."

Note that squirrels are very rare drops when harvesting. You might kill 50 Arbotus (can be Small, Regular or Tremendous) before yielding a handful of squirrels.

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