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Dragon crafting quests[edit]

Tutorial Quests[edit]

QuestNPCLevelCraft level
Skalkaar Tutorial: Craft a Chest Scale!Artisan Jemenoth , Grand Master Dragon Crafter20
Skalkaar Tutorial: Craft a Skalkaar Dragon ClawArtisan Jemenoth , Grand Master Dragon Crafter20
Skalkaar Tutorial: Head to New TrismusInstructor Karkath40
Skalkaar Tutorial: Kill Your First Beast!Instructor Karkath00
Skalkaar Tutorial: Kill the Grass BeetlesInstructor Karkath30
Skalkaar Tutorial: Return to KarkathArtisan Jemenoth , Grand Master Dragon Crafter30
Skalkaar Tutorial: Spider Killing!Instructor Karkath30
Skalkaar Tutorial: The Mother GruokInstructor Karkath40
Skalkaar Tutorial: Visit JemenothInstructor Karkath20

Dragon Crafter quests[edit]

QuestNPCLevelCraft level
Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choose Your PathKarane the Historian3020
Dimensional Pocket II: Dragon Scale DeliveryJynasix020
Dimensional Pocket III: Deliver 200 Iron Bars to Gangaf TaglayJynasix030
Dimensional Pocket IV: Deliver Spells for JynasixJynasix040
Dimensional Pocket IX: Deliver Supplies to the GuardsJynasix090
Dimensional Pocket V: Deliver gears to LantenalJynasix050
Dimensional Pocket VI: Deliver Supplies to KessetJynasix060
Dimensional Pocket VII: Aid Versanto With His ExperimentJynasix070
Dimensional Pocket VIII: Mithril BullionJynasix080
Dimensional Pocket X: Return with News from the Towers of MagicJynasix0100
Draak Attunement: The Lost ColonyBrysmendrik3030
Dragon Crafter 2: Scaling Up Your Scale PackKerian the Wise04
Dragon Crafter 3: Learning the RopesKerian the Wise05
Dragon Crafter 4: Advanced TechniquesKerian the Wise06
Dragon Crafter 5: Magical MayhemKerian the Wise06
Dragon Crafter 6: Dragon's DefenseKerian the Wise07
Dragon Crafter 7: The Final TestKerian the Wise07
Dragon Crafter 8: The Road ForwardKerian the Wise08
Dragon Crafter: Knowledge of the Imbued ScalesResiata010
Essence Harvesting Mastery I: Collect 100 Dim EssenceXarinnis010
Essence Harvesting Mastery II: Collect 100 Tainted Dim EssenceCaspuras020
Essence Harvesting Mastery III: Collect 100 Pale EssenceCaspuras030
Essence Harvesting Mastery IV: Collect 100 Tainted Pale EssenceCaspuras040
Essence Harvesting Mastery IX: Collect 100 Shining EssenceCaspuras090
Essence Harvesting Mastery V: Collect 100 Glowing EssenceCaspuras050
Essence Harvesting Mastery VI: Collect 100 Tainted Glowing EssenceCaspuras060
Essence Harvesting Mastery VII: Collect 100 Bright EssenceCaspuras070
Essence Harvesting Mastery VIII: Collect 100 Tainted Bright EssenceCaspuras080
Essence Harvesting Mastery X: Collect 100 Tainted Shining EssenceCaspuras0100
Essence Shaping Mastery I: Craft 50 Dim Essence OrbsXarinnis010
Essence Shaping Mastery II: Craft 50 Tainted Dim Essence OrbsZepartus020
Essence Shaping Mastery III: Craft 50 Pale Essence OrbsZepartus030
Essence Shaping Mastery IV: Craft 50 Tainted Pale Essence OrbsZepartus040
Essence Shaping Mastery IX: Craft 50 Shining Essence OrbsZepartus090
Essence Shaping Mastery V: Craft 50 Glowing Essence OrbsZepartus050
Essence Shaping Mastery VI: Craft 50 Tainted Glowing Essence OrbsZepartus060
Essence Shaping Mastery VII: Craft 50 Bright Essence OrbsZepartus070
Essence Shaping Mastery VIII: Craft 50 Tainted Bright Essence OrbsZepartus080
Essence Shaping Mastery X: Craft 50 Tainted Shining Essence OrbsZepartus0100
Gemcraft Mastery I: Craft 70 MalachiteXarinnis010
Gemcraft Mastery II: Craft 140 GarnetHeraxius020
Gemcraft Mastery III: Craft 70 AmethystHeraxius030
Gemcraft Mastery IV: Craft 140 Rose QuartzHeraxius040
Gemcraft Mastery IX: Craft 70 EmeraldHeraxius090
Gemcraft Mastery V: Craft 70 JasperHeraxius050
Gemcraft Mastery VI: Craft 140 AquamarineHeraxius060
Gemcraft Mastery VII: Craft 70 JadeHeraxius070
Gemcraft Mastery VIII: Craft 140 OpalHeraxius080
Gemcraft Mastery X: Craft 140 Fire OpalHeraxius0100
Knowledge of Lairs: Become a LairshaperQueriatia
Mark of the Grand Master Dragon CrafterRelstaroth0100
Mining Mastery I: Collect 100 Copper and Tin OreXarinnis010
Mining Mastery II: Craft 75 Bronze BarsEvenitas the Miner020
Mining Mastery III: Collect 100 Iron OreEvenitas the Miner030
Mining Mastery IV: Craft 75 Silver BarsEvenitas the Miner040
Mining Mastery IX: Collect 100 Mithril OreEvenitas the Miner090
Mining Mastery V: Collect 100 Dark Iron OreEvenitas the Miner050
Mining Mastery VI: Craft 75 Steel BarsEvenitas the Miner060
Mining Mastery VII: Collect 100 Cobalt OreEvenitas the Miner070
Mining Mastery VIII: Craft 75 Cobalt BarsEvenitas the Miner080
Mining Mastery X: Craft 75 Mithril BarsEvenitas the Miner0100
Mrs Clause's Dragon TreatMrs Clause00
Nielenoss' Quest: Knowledge of TinkeringNielenoss the Tinker020
Quarrying Mastery I: Collect 100 Sandstone SlabsXarinnis010
Quarrying Mastery II: Craft 75 Sandstone BricksKreig020
Quarrying Mastery III: Collect 100 Slate SlabsKreig030
Quarrying Mastery IV: Craft 75 Slate BricksKreig040
Quarrying Mastery IX: Collect 100 Marble SlabsKreig090
Quarrying Mastery V: Collect 100 Granite SlabsKreig050
Quarrying Mastery VI: Craft 75 Granite BricksKreig060
Quarrying Mastery VII: Collect 100 Obsidian SlabsKreig070
Quarrying Mastery VIII: Craft 75 Obsidian BricksKreig080
Quarrying Mastery X: Craft 75 Marble BricksKreig0100
Return for More Dragon TreatsMrs Clause00
Scalecraft Mastery I: Bronze BarsXarinnis010
Scalecraft Mastery II: Craft 10 Sandstone Strength Chest ScalesMiemonus020
Scalecraft Mastery III: Craft 70 Iron BarsMiemonus030
Scalecraft Mastery IV: Craft 10 Slate Strength Chest ScalesMiemonus040
Scalecraft Mastery IX: Craft 70 Mithril BarsMiemonus090
Scalecraft Mastery V: Craft 70 Steel BarsMiemonus050
Scalecraft Mastery VI: Craft 10 Granite Strength Chest ScalesMiemonus060
Scalecraft Mastery VII: Craft 70 Cobalt BarsMiemonus070
Scalecraft Mastery VIII: Craft 10 Obsidian Strength Chest ScalesMiemonus080
Scalecraft Mastery X: Craft 10 Marble Strength Chest ScalesMiemonus0100
Smelting Mastery I: Craft 70 Bronze BarsXarinnis010
Smelting Mastery II: Craft 140 Bronze BarsAlthanas the Great020
Smelting Mastery III: Craft 70 Iron BarsAlthanas the Great030
Smelting Mastery IV: Craft 140 Iron BarsAlthanas the Great040
Smelting Mastery IX: Craft 70 Mithril BarsAlthanas the Great090
Smelting Mastery V: Craft 70 Steel BarsAlthanas the Great050
Smelting Mastery VI: Craft 140 Steel BarsAlthanas the Great060
Smelting Mastery VII: Craft 70 Cobalt BarsAlthanas the Great070
Smelting Mastery VIII: Craft 140 Cobalt BarsAlthanas the Great080
Smelting Mastery X: Craft 140 Mithril BarsAlthanas the Great0100
Spellcraft Mastery I: Craft 70 Sandstone BricksXarinnis010
Spellcraft Mastery II: Craft 35 Sandstone Spell ShardsJuquenas the Spellcrafter020
Spellcraft Mastery III: Craft 70 Slate BricksJuquenas the Spellcrafter030
Spellcraft Mastery IV: Craft 35 Slate Spell ShardsJuquenas the Spellcrafter040
Spellcraft Mastery IX: Craft 70 Marble BricksJuquenas the Spellcrafter090
Spellcraft Mastery V: Craft 70 Granite BricksJuquenas the Spellcrafter050
Spellcraft Mastery VI: Craft 35 Granite Spell ShardsJuquenas the Spellcrafter060
Spellcraft Mastery VII: Craft 70 Obsidian BricksJuquenas the Spellcrafter070
Spellcraft Mastery VIII: Craft 35 Obsidian Spell ShardsJuquenas the Spellcrafter080
Spellcraft Mastery X: Craft 35 Marble Spell ShardsJuquenas the Spellcrafter0100
Stoneworking Mastery I: Craft 70 Sandstone BricksXarinnis010
Stoneworking Mastery II: Craft 140 Sandstone BricksSaphias020
Stoneworking Mastery III: Craft 70 Slate BricksSaphias030
Stoneworking Mastery IV: Craft 140 Slate BricksSaphias040
Stoneworking Mastery IX: Craft 70 Marble BricksSaphias090
Stoneworking Mastery V: Craft 70 Granite BricksSaphias050
Stoneworking Mastery VI: Craft 140 Granite BricksSaphias060
Stoneworking Mastery VII: Craft 70 Obsidian BricksSaphias070
Stoneworking Mastery VIII: Craft 140 Obsidian BricksSaphias080
Stoneworking Mastery X: Craft 140 Marble BricksSaphias0100
Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 3)Archwizard Thurid0100

Dragon Crystalshaper quests[edit]

QuestNPCLevelCraft level
Claim Title: Master LairshaperRelstaroth0100
Crystalshaper: The Emerald of Dahm'a'mun (Part 1)Ahassunu10090
Crystalshaper: The Emerald of Dahm'a'mun (Part 2)Gulnor the Elder10090
Crystalshaper: The Emerald of Dahm'a'mun (Part 3)Ahassunu10090
Earn Title: Expert CrystalshaperAratanosh0100

Dragon Lairshaper quests[edit]

QuestNPCLevelCraft level
Aratanosh's FateKarane the Historian8020
Aratanosh: Destroy the Flame HorrorsAratanosh8020
Aratanosh: Locate the Lost EldersAratanosh8020
Aratanosh: Memories of the EldersAratanosh8020
Aratanosh: The Guardian of RageAratanosh8020
Azulyte Crystal TransmutationBalennos020
Balennos' RecollectionsKarane the Historian8020
Claim Title: Master LairshaperRelstaroth0100
Crystalshaping Mastery IBalennos08
Crystalshaping Mastery IIBalennos024
Crystalshaping Mastery IIIBalennos040
Crystalshaping Mastery IVBalennos056
Crystalshaping Mastery VBalennos072
Draak Attunement: The Lost ColonyBrysmendrik3030
Imperial Outpost: 5 Imbued Adamantium BarsFrig Tallowgar090
Imperial Outpost: 5 Primal Essence of AmalgamFrig Tallowgar090
Imperial Outpost: 5 Volative ExcoriationsFrig Tallowgar090
Imperial Outpost: 50 Imbued Adamantium BarsFrig Tallowgar090
Imperial Outpost: 50 Primal Essence of AmalgamFrig Tallowgar090
Imperial Outpost: 50 Volative ExcoriationsFrig Tallowgar090
Kallinoth's JournalValkoth the Ancient8020
Knowledge of Lairs: Making Lairshaping PiecesBalennos01
Lairshaping Mastery IRelstaroth01
Lairshaping Mastery IIRelstaroth020
Lairshaping Mastery IIIRelstaroth040
Lairshaping Mastery IVRelstaroth060
Lairshaping Mastery VRelstaroth080
Lairshaping Mastery VIRelstaroth0100
Learning to Shape LairsRelstaroth01
The ArchivesValkoth the Ancient8020
The Council's ConcernsRistef the Peacemaker8020
The Guardian and the CrystalshaperAratanosh8020
The Stone of SeekingSemeneth the Ancient8020

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