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Jewelry Set

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Jewelry set items are rings, earrings and necklaces that once dropped as ultra rare loot from Tier 6 monsters. They are made for specific classes and the more pieces you wear, the better the buff gets. There are eight different jewelry sets. Once equipped the items cannot be traded anymore.

Who Can Wear What[edit]

Jewelry Set Usable By
Akhanis: Jewelry of the Tormented Soul Blood Mage, Spiritist
Arghal: Jewelry of the Flamesinger Battle Mage, Conjurer, Mage, Sorcerer
Asfendhia: Jewelry of the Mind's Eye Sorcerer
Kodess: Jewelry of Pure Energy Battle Mage, Mage, Wizard
Lars Zantus: Jewelry of Crushing Chaos Warrior, Guardian, Warrior
Mattias: Jewelry of Rending Berserker
Tareviel: Jewelry of Piercing Scout, Shaman, Spearman, Warrior
Turble: Jewelry of the Summoner's Song Knight of Creation, Conjurer