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The Vaultkeepers of Istaria are NPCs that provide Istarians with access to their own personal Vaults. They are usually found in Vault buildings, located in most cities of Istaria, such as Kion or Dalimond. Also they may be built by players on their owned plots of land.

Vault storage can be improved by completing vault upgrade quests.

All vaultkeepers ordered by location[edit]

NameLocated at
Hulin IronforgeAughundell
Jonas AlbionBristugo
Witzel the GoldenChiconis
Maggie TinnaginDalimond
Banker Abby BibbletonkDelgarath
Gortari the FairFeladan
LeilaIsles of Battle
Girta HalfhandMahagra
Iado ClinkinblatzNew Rachival
SerenaNew Trismus
SsarthNew Vassarak
AytamaSpirit Isle

Vault upgrades and quests[edit]


Shareholder's Vault I22024,000
Shareholder's Vault II24030,000
Shareholder's Vault III26038,000
Shareholder's Vault IV28048,000
Shareholder's Vault V30060,000
Shareholder's Vault VI30074,000
Shareholder's Vault VII30090,000
Shareholder's Vault VIII300108,000
Shareholder's Vault IX300128,000
Shareholder's Vault X300150,000
Bronze Loyalty Vault I320168,000
Bronze Loyalty Vault II340187,000
Bronze Loyalty Vault III360207,000
Bronze Loyalty Vault IV380228,000
Bronze Loyalty Vault V400250,000


Loyalty: Bronze Vault Upgrade IV0Bronze Loyalty Vault IV
Loyalty: Bronze Vault Upgrade III0Bronze Loyalty Vault III
Loyalty: Bronze Vault Upgrade II0Bronze Loyalty Vault II
Loyalty: Bronze Vault Upgrade I0Bronze Loyalty Vault I
Loyalty: Bronze Vault Upgrade V0Bronze Loyalty Vault V
Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade I5Shareholder's Vault I
Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade II15Shareholder's Vault II
Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade III25Shareholder's Vault III
Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade IV35Shareholder's Vault IV
Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade V45Shareholder's Vault V
Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade VI55Shareholder's Vault VI
Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade VII65Shareholder's Vault VII
Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade VIII75Shareholder's Vault VIII
Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade IX85Shareholder's Vault IX
Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade X95Shareholder's Vault X