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Upload a screenshot link in an infobox

You surely found alot of pages missing a screenshot. Probably some of the Creatures in Istaria or items, or..or... Looking at one of those pages you normally examine a 'Insert cool image' hint or a red *Upload a Screenshot* link inside the infobox.

Doing screenshots in Istaria[edit]

There is a simple screenshot option in Istaria. Here the basic steps for you, assuming you did not change any of the game's key bindings:

  • Seek your target
  • Hide your graphical user interface by pressing the slash key (/)
  • Do one or more screenshots on your target, using the F12 key
  • Bring back your graphical user interface by pressing the slash key (/)
  • Open your program's screenshot folder:
    • On 64-bit systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\Istaria\screenshots
    • On 32-bit systems: C:\Program Files\Istaria\screenshots
  • Pick your favorite image for further steps

Editing the image to be more detailful[edit]

Most of the time you would not want to see half of the world around some item or creature. You would like to cut out a part and use that instead. Since most people think editing is a hard thing let's try to tell them different.

  • Download and install a very easy program to edit images: [Irfan View]
  • Open the image in Irfan View
  • Draw a rectangular selection (not with the rectangle tool but with the selection tool, which is selected by default) around the part you want to cut out
  • Press CTRL+C (to copy to clipboard)
  • Press D (to delete the screen)
  • Press CTRL+V (to paste from clipboard)
  • Press CTRL+S (to save the image somewhere)
  • Voila, you made it! Not too different one must guess :-)

Upload the file[edit]

Add category button

Clicking on the above mentioned link opens the wiki's image uploader. You can choose the image from your computer and upload it. After this is done you should add a proper category to the image. For finding the correct image category, please refer to the Wiki editor's reference card.

Original material from by Elteria Shadowhand — licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0.