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Confectioners are a specialized craft school associated with the Gatherer school, though Outfitters and Scholars both gain skills early on that allow for access to the school. Confectioners craft tasty morsels and fine brews that may be consumed and enjoyed. The goods of a Confectioner are said to even soothe ailments both physical and spiritual.

/lvl - gain each level
100 - maximum at level 100
P - is primary skill? (crafting schools only)

Skill points gained[edit]

Skill name /lvl 100 P?
Armor Use 7 700 no
Brewing 10 1,000 no
Cooking 10 1,000 yes
Earthencraft 9 900 no
Fishing 8 800 no
Foraging 8 800 no
Ingenuity 10 1,000 yes
Preparing 9 900 no

Attribute points gained[edit]

Attribute name /lvl 100
Health 5 500
Strength 3 300
Dexterity 8 800
Power 6 600
Focus 3 300

Trainers and requirements[edit]

NameFormulas soldLocated atXY
Gella HelmsmasherExpert
Hadriana ManiusBeginnerKion20,37324,577
Holm GrimssonJourneymanMahagra23,78430,524
Julie BalishBeginnerDalimond22,76022,808
Talo SpicedellerJourneymanNew Rachival23,14825,628
Requirements to join
Foraging 100

Confectioner abilities


  • Name = The name of the ability
  • L = The level the ability is earned at this school
  • M = Is it masterable?

Name: Gift Slots: Two, Gift Slots: Three, Gift Slots: Four, Gift Slots: Five, Earthencraft I, Fishing I, Foraging I, Ingenuity I, Sprint, Earthencraft II, Fishing II, Foraging II, Ingenuity II, Earthencraft III, Fishing III, Foraging III, Ingenuity III, Earthencraft IV, Fishing IV, Foraging IV, Ingenuity IV, Earthencraft V, Fishing V, Foraging V, Ingenuity V, Earthencraft VI, Fishing VI, Foraging VI (L: 25, 50, 75, 100, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 20, 20, 20, 20, 40, 40, 40, 40, 60, 60, 60, 60, 80, 80, 80, 80, 100, 100, 100, M: , , , , X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X)


Please read the skill articles (links above) for further details on crafting formulas.

School quests[edit]

Quest nameStarts withTypeCraftlevelRewards
Rare Foods: A Fist Full of LicoriceJulie BalishAdventure1Confectioner Rare Garnish: Licorice
Rare Dessert: Rippin' Raspberry Ruxus
Rare Dessert: Vandellia's Gnomian Taffy Treats
Rare Foods: A Touch of GingerFilletCrafting1Confectioner Rare Garnish: Ginger
Rare Side Dish: Anima's Crystallized Ginger
Rare Foods: Basil the RatEstelwenErrand1Rare Dessert: Kephren's Fine Fudge
Confectioner Rare Garnish: Basil
Rare Side Dish: Moirainia's Crab Cakes
Rare Foods: Burnt Rice and BitterrootEstelwenCrafting1Confectioner Rare Garnish: Bitterroot
Rare Main Dish: Weston's Jambalaya
Rare Main Dish: Bitterroot Stew
Rare Foods: Everybody Must Get StonerootEstelwenCrafting1Rare Dessert: Stoneroot Ice Cream
Confectioner Rare Garnish: Stoneroot
Rare Main Dish: Diput's Dwarf Bread
Rare Side Dish: Dwarf Bread Dippin' Sauce
Rare Foods: Fennel TalesEstelwenCrafting1Confectioner Rare Garnish: Fennel
Rare Main Dish: Kakashi's Swordfish
Rare Dessert: Anima's Blueberry Fennel Cakes
Rare Foods: Hatchling Cakes, Rosemary and GruokJulie BalishCrafting1Confectioner Rare Garnish: Rosemary
Draconic Celebration Cake (formula)
Rare Main Dish: Deth's Roasted Gruok
Rare Foods: Leaf Me AloneJulie BalishErrand1Rare Side Dish: Ani's Pumarific Pizza Rolls
Confectioner Rare Garnish: Bay Leaf
Rare Dessert: Azraiel's Rice Pudding
Rare Dessert: Shalindra's Rock Candy
Rare Foods: Minty GoodnessEstelwenCrafting1Confectioner Rare Garnish: Mint
Rare Dessert: Melt In Your Mouth Cinnamon Buns
Rare Foods: Music of the NightshadeEstelwenCrafting1Rare Side Dish: Senk's Salty Pretzels
Rare Dessert: Sslanisian Chocolate Fudge (formula)
Rare Dessert: Grantherum's Strawberry Ice Cream (formula)
Confectioner Rare Garnish: Nightshade
Rare Main Dish: Jayne's Paincakes
Rare Dessert: Cherute's Special Deadly Nightcap (formula)
Rare Foods: Sage AdviceFilletCrafting1Confectioner Rare Garnish: Sage
Rare Main Dish: Ariadni's Gruok Sausage
Rare Foods: Snap DragonSsauliosCrafting1Rare Dessert: Snap Dragon
Rare Foods: Sprinkle Sprinkle Little StarEstelwenCrafting1Confectioner Rare Garnish: Star Anise
Rare Dessert: Frontier Fruit Medley (formula)
Rare Foods: The Ginseng FilesJulie BalishErrand1Confectioner Rare Garnish: Ginseng
Rare Appetizer: Wake-up Juice (formula)
Rare Foods: Truffle AheadEstelwenCrafting1Confectioner Rare Garnish: Truffles
Rare Dessert: Kakashi's Truffles
Rare Foods: Food For the RoadLanaleCrafting10Rare Appetizer: Sugared Dates
Anthas Root Tea: a Deeper KnowledgeJulie BalishCrafting20Confectioner Rare Garnish: Anthas Root
Beginner Teas
Beginner Clay Mug
Rare Foods: I Can't Believe It's Not ButtercapEstelwenErrand20Rare Appetizer: Wind Dancer's Pickled Eggs
Rare Appetizer: B'stella Kion (formula)
Rare Main Dish: Wind Dancer's Chicken Salad
Confectioner Rare Garnish: Buttercap
Rare Main Dish: Wind Dancer's Halibut with Mixed Veggies
Rare Foods: A Spicy Snack for the Famished MinerFamished MinerCrafting40Rare Main Dish: Diput's Flamin' Eels
Rare Main Dish: Shalindra's Lamb Stew
Boltai's Scorpion Stinger CasseroleBoltaiAdventure50Rare Appetizer: Sandspur Stinger Casserole
Rare Foods: The Brains of the OutfitXenex the BlindCrafting60Rare Dessert: Fiendish Funnel Cake
Rare Main Dish: Diput's Stone Squirrel Soup
Ssilgoth's StewSsilgothCrafting60Tool Tech Kit: The Soldier's Chef
Main Dish: Ssilgoth's Stew (formula)
Rare Foods: To Serve MandrakeEstelwenCrafting80Confectioner Rare Garnish: Mandrake
Rare Main Dish: Kitten Dreams
Rare Side Dish: Zeevie's Herb Jelly
Rare Foods: Dinner? Impossible!VaultkeeperCrafting95Rare Main Dish: Nellie's Urchin Linguini
Rare Main Dish: Shali's Pan Seared Trout
Rare Dessert: Bananas Kakashi (formula)
Rare Appetizer: Zezezar's Sweet Corncakes (formula)
Rare Main Dish: Kakashi's Jugged Squirrel
Title: Chef
Title Bonus: Cooking II
Rare Foods: Campsite StewIshalin the RangerErrand100Rare Main Dish: Wild Gruok Stew
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