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How to craft plays a big part in the world of Istaria. However, crafting differs greatly depending on if the player is a dragon or a biped (two-legged) because each type generally produces goods for only their particular species. For example - Dragons can make Dragon Scale Packs for Dragon usage, and bipeds can make Armor and Weapons for biped usage.


Step 1: Open the Knowledge Window[edit]

Creating items in Istaria is performed using the Create Item window, available by pressing "K" (default key) to open the Knowledge Window or by selecting Knowledge from the menu Orb.

Step 2: Select an item to create[edit]

In the Knowledge Window, select the Formulas tab, select the item you want to create, and click the Create button.


Step 3: Equip the correct tool[edit]

Click the button to automatically select the correct tool to create the item.


Step 4: Select the number of items[edit]

Drag the Batches selector to the right to create more than one item.

Step 5: (Optional) Automatically deconstruct created items[edit]

Experience is also gained by deconstructing items, which returns approximately half of the resources required to create the item allowing you to create many more items. Clicking the Auto Decon checkbox automatically deconstructs the items created.

Step 6: Create the item[edit]

Click the Create button to create your item(s).

General guidelines for levelling while crafting[edit]

The fastest way to level your craft school character is summarized as follows:

Construct/deconstruct items that will generate the most experience in the least amount of time

The following general rules relate to maximizing your experience gain in the shortest amount of time.

Rule 1: Always construct/deconstruct at optimal efficiency[edit]

Optimal efficiency is achieved when your skill level is high enough to create an item using the least amount of resources. More resources = more items = more experience.

In the item creation screen below, the characters Smelting skill is greater than or equal to Optimal Skill required. This uses the least amount of resources to make the item (2). Optimal occurs when Current Skill is greater than or equal to Optimal Skill

In the second item creation screen, the characters Smelting skill is less than the Optimal Skill required. This uses more resources to make the item (3) resulting in less items being made. Not optimal occurs when your Current Skill is less than the Optimal Skill

Rule 2: Check your resource collection amount[edit]

Collecting resources (Mining, Harvesting, Gathering, Logging, etc) provides a random amount per "swing". Make sure you are collecting at an optimal rate. No point swinging continuously for "You have gathered 1 resource" if instead you could be getting more of a lesser tiered resource. More resources = more items = more experience.

Rule 3: Always enhance your skills[edit]

Istarian crafting uses base statistics to improve your crafting skill. For example, Strength provides a skill bonus when Smelting. You can increase your base skills, and your crafting skills, using Augmentation spells like Gift of Strength. Similarly most crafted items such as metal tools and Armor can be imbued with Techniques to increase both statistics and skills. Tool and Armor Socketing can also be used to increase your craft skill level.

Improving your crafting skill enables you to become optimal quicker giving you greater experience when crafting. More skill = more experience.

Rule 4: Always craft in expert shops[edit]

Expert Construction buildings provide the greatest benefit to your crafting skills. An example is an Expert Blacksmith Shop that provides the user with a +75 skill bonus when using the shop. Most tiered resources have a friendly plot nearby with constructed shops on them, enabling you to greatly increase your skill just by using the shop. Always select an area that is close to where you are gathering resources whenever possible.

Journeyman shops provide +50 skill, and Beginner shops provide +25 skill.

Rule 5: Travel time[edit]

Travel time between collecting the resources and creating items is a major factor in determining the highest amount of experience gained in the least amount of time.

Prestige schools like Jeweler, Spellcrafter, Alchemist etc require multiple resource types in order to make their primary items. Jewelers for example make Jewelry which requires Metal Bars and Gems. It takes time to gather both resources separately and then combine them to Construct/Deconstruct. It is nearly always better to gather all the resources you want, return to a set location, then bulk construct/deconstruct items for experience. However sometimes it is faster to just make the base resource (i.e. Gems) instead, particularly if you already have a high skill to make the resource. You can verify this by timing how long it takes to gather everything together and then create the items, as opposed to just making the base resource instead.

Rule 6: Upgrade your equipment[edit]

Tier 1-4 tools automatically skill-limit your character. The limits are:

  • Tier 1 (250)
  • Tier 2 (450)
  • Tier 3 (650)
  • Tier 4 (850)

You must update your Tools regularly to ensure you are not being skill-limited.

Which crafting school first?[edit]

While personal choice is always valid, some schools are generally easier to level and provide greater cross-school levelling capability. The Blacksmith school is considered to be the best to level, because it provides skill increases across Metal, Wood and Stone crafting which can be then used for other school levelling. You can also make your own Tools as you progress in levels.

Further reading[edit]

Additional information that will help with crafting is included below:

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