Creating new pages

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There are several ways to create a new page on Istaria Lexica. This guide shows you which are available and how to use them.


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Ensure that the new page does not already exist. Enter a part of it's title into the wiki search bar and have a look onto the dropdown list. Incase it does exist you will want to choose an alternative title. You may also review the existing article and edit it if it fits to your plans.

Duplicate names[edit]

Sometimes there are duplicate articles necessary. As an example there are the Trandalar attunement articles: Trandalar Attunement: Brandon's Shelf and Trandalar Attunement: Brandon's Shelf (craft). Both quests give you the same reward, but they're offered by different NPCs and the quest contents differ aswell. One is done by adventuring tasks, the other by crafting tasks. On the wiki there can only be one page with that exact title (Trandalar Attunement: Brandon's Shelf), this is due to technical limits. In that case it is okay to name the quests similar and give a hint on the article's end, like (craft) on the example above.

Create a page by search[edit]

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If there was no result on searching your title, enter the full article name into the search bar and start search. The search tool opens and offers you some or none results. However you'll be interested in the 'Create page' link only, which shows your entered title as a redlink.

Click on it to start the site creation. This leads you directly to the Wikieditor where you can start entering your planned contents.

Create a page by menu[edit]

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There is a 'Start a new article' link in the Istaria Lexica's menu toolbar. This leads you to a small assistant asking you to enter a title. Enter the title and click 'Create', the Wikieditor opens up where you can start entering your planned contents.

Create a page by page templates[edit]

Much of the articles are based on the same information. To keep those unified, Istaria Lexica is based on page templates. The templates are there to unify the look of same-category pages and to ease entering each article's data. Also, they take over alot of background tasks so the wiki is able to create dynamic content out of each data (such as the quest tables on NPCs).

Examples for page template articles[edit]

Choose template, read description[edit]

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Templates are well documented on their own article page and also provide a link to mess around with them on your sandbox. To open a list of all available new page templates, there is a link 'Start a new article using a template' in the Istaria Lexica's menu toolbar. Once you chose a template, the overview page opens. This page tells you everything you need to know about the template. Please read it carefully before you proceed. You may or may not examine that the template is using other templates within it's functionality. All parameters of interest should be described here.

Have a try![edit]

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Much of the templates offer a link to 'try out in the sandbox'. The sandbox is your personal playground and represents a single page in your user's namespace. You cannot damage anything there, so it let's you test out things you're unsure it would work on an article. If you click the sandbox link for the template (NOT the one to the top right on your user control bar), the wiki imports the template's code into your sandbox and automatically opens the Wikieditor for you. Now it is ready to be used and you can enter values and test around.

Starting the article[edit]

Most of the templates offer a title field in their description page. Once entered and pressed 'Create', the wiki imports the template's code into the new page and leads you to the usual Wikieditor view where you can start entering your contents.