Dayglo Wisp colors (HZConfectioner)

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Dayglo Wisp colors (HZConfectioner).jpg
Mod type: 3D-model Mod
Description: Colors wisps a bit more decent so you can differ them.
Necessary tasks:
Check.png Copy files NoCheck.png Overwrite files
NoCheck.png Edit files NoCheck.png Change ingame options

Detailed description[edit]

This mod colors wisps and their resources in inventory. Note that this mod has been taken over into the game's default configuration at some point, though the mod colors themselves are still more intense.

Official community thread:

Installation steps:

  • Close your istaria client
  • Open your istaria folder
    • On 64-bit systems (en), defaults to: C:\Program Files (x86)\istaria
    • On 32-bit systems (en), defaults to: C:\Program Files\istaria
  • Create a folder 'resources_override' (may exist already)
  • unpack the downloaded zip file
  • copy the unpacked 'resources_override' folder into your istaria folder (overwrite if exists)
  • start your istaria client
  • hope it works :)