Demon's Fist Maul

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Demon's Fist Maul
"Then raised he his maul, and did strike down upon them with great anger and furious vengeance, so that the land shook, and the sky became as night, and the rivers of the land ran red with the blood of the slain."

- The Third Vision of Theralisha -

Weapon type: Hammer
Level required: 90
Skill: Two Hand Crush
Skill required: 900
Damage type: crush
Damage: 145-190
Delay: 50
Range: Melee
Creating Demon's Fist Maul:
Required tool: Smithing Hammer
Required skill: Weaponcraft
Machine: Anvil
Bulk: 64
Hoard value:
Sell value:
Tier: Tier 6

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Created using the formula Epic Weapon: Demon Fist Maul.

The Demon's Fist Maul is an Epic Weapon, which are also called Demon Weapons. It is equipped in the right palm and the character must have the appropriate Two Hand Crush skill to wield the weapon.

Once equipped, this weapon is attuned and can not be traded.

Usable By[edit]

Demon's Fist Mauls can be used by: Chaos Warrior, Cleric, Guardian, Shaman, Warrior



10% Chance: Thundering Strike

  • 15% Chance Target Effect Thunderstruck
  • Duration 0:35
  • Attacks only
  • Does 145% of normal damage


  • Prevents any actions
  • Limits Speed to 0
  • Extra damage 80-150 energy (Direct)
  • Duration 0:03
  • Frequency 0:02

Creation Requirements[edit]

The formula is obtained from Vargas the Bold.

Resource Need Min Skill Opt Skill Skill

Demon Essence
Leather Wrapping
Maul Head
Weapon Handle