Dimensional Apparatus

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Dimensional Apparatus
Item type: Dragon Scale
Slots used:

Hoard value: 960
Sell value:
Attuned: yes
Tier: Tier 6

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Created using the formula Epic Tool Claw: Dimensional Apparatus.

Dimensional Apparatus can have up to 4 sockets.

Creation requirements[edit]

Resource Need Skill Min/Opt Skill
Shard of the Riftrender 1 Dragon Scalecraft 1200
Imbued Shard 1 Dragon Scalecraft 1200
Unformed Scale 1 Dragon Scalecraft 1200


No creatures seem to drop it.

Looks like Dimensional Apparatus isn't available as a collectable resource.

Looks like noone buys this item.

Looks like noone sells this item.


Rewarded from[edit]

Dimensional Apparatus does not look like it's rewarded.

Required for[edit]

Dimensional Apparatus does not look like it's required for any quest.