Do/correct some texts on existing pages

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Sometimes you manage to find a few typos or a messed up text (by cats running over keyboards while editing, for example :-)). For a little training it's a good way to correct them.

Edit a page[edit]

Click on 'Edit this page' link

On each page there is an edit tab on the top. If you click it the page reloads, opening the WikiEditor where you can start writing. The WikiEditor mainly consists of two sections. The editing area and the toolbox. By hovering over the toolbox buttons you can learn details about their function. If you are still unsure about how to use them you're happily invited to play around in your personal sandbox.

You may encounter some weird 'code' in some articles you probably won't understand yet. That is the so-called wiki-code which eases a few formatting and automation parts in articles. You shouldn't mind them until you've progressed a bit further in your editing journey (or odyssey?). If you're still interested in more details, read the Advanced Editing guide.

Once you are ready to edit your selected article, do it! Nothing easier than that. Type characters, look if they're on the right place, then enter a brief summary of your change and press 'Save page'. (Holy chicken I'm doing the same just right now!)