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Dragon Adventurers rely on the power of their teeth and claws and the might of their primal magics to defeat their enemies.

/lvl - gain each level
100 - maximum at level 100
P - is primary skill? (crafting schools only)

Skill points gained[edit]

Skill name /lvl 100 P?
Dragon Breath 10 1,000 n/a
Evasion 8 800 n/a
Intuition 10 1,000 n/a
Magic Evasion 8 800 n/a
Primal 9 900 n/a
Tooth and Claw 9 900 n/a

Attribute points gained[edit]

Attribute name /lvl 100
Health 24 2,400
Armor 6 600
Strength 8 800
Dexterity 7 700
Power 8 800
Focus 7 700


BattleMaster AvariatusNew Trismus45,94214,600
Instructor KarkathSkalkaar41,83016,523
Rumiana the Dragon AdventurerDralk22,50428,908
Sandava the Dragon AdventurerChiconis24,43922,041

Dragon Adventurer abilities


  • Name = The name of the ability
  • L = The level the ability is earned at this school
  • M = Is it masterable?

Name: Neutral Stance, Claw Strike I, Protection, Claw Strike II, Ethereal Claw, Claw Strike III, Gift Slots: Two, Claw Strike IV, Claw Strike V, Gift Slots: Three, Claw Strike VI, Claw Strike VII, Claw Strike VIII, Gift Slots: Four, Claw Strike IX, Claw Strike X, Bite I, Claw Mastery 01, Combat Stance: Adept, Sprint, Combat Stance: Alerted, Combat Stance: Conqueror, Combat Stance: Flame, Combat Stance: Primalist, Combat Stance: Protective, Combat Stance: Soldier, Combat Stance: Terror, Dodge, Dragon Intuition I, Silver Strike I, Tail Whip I, Refreshing Breeze I, Claw Mastery 02, Ravage I, Galewind I, Drulkars Focus I, Add Dragon Scale Slot: First Wing, Ancestral Determination I, Coordinated Breath I, Silver Strike II, Claw Mastery 03, Menacing Presence, Allowance of Power I, Snarl I, Claw Mastery 04, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Head, Bite II, Coordinated Breath II, Dragon Intuition II, Silver Strike III, Tail Whip II, Claw Mastery 05, Refreshing Breeze II, Galewind II, Drulkars Focus II, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Second Wing, Ancestral Determination II, Coordinated Breath III, Claw Mastery 06, Silver Strike IV, Allowance of Power II, Claw Mastery 07, Snarl II, Add Dragon Scale Slot: First Foreleg, Bite III, Coordinated Breath IV, Dragon Intuition III, Staggering Howl I, Silver Strike V, Claw Mastery 08, Tail Whip III, Refreshing Breeze III, Ravage II, Galewind III, Drulkars Focus III, Add Dragon Scale Slot: First Hindleg, Ancestral Determination III, Claw Mastery 09, Coordinated Breath V, Silver Strike VI, Claw Mastery 10, Allowance of Power III, Snarl III, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Second Foreleg, Bite IV, Coordinated Breath VI, Dragon Intuition IV, Silver Strike VII, Claw Mastery 11, Tail Whip IV, Refreshing Breeze IV, Galewind IV, Claw Mastery 12, Drulkars Focus IV, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Second Hindleg, Ancestral Determination IV, Coordinated Breath VII, Silver Strike VIII, Claw Mastery 13, Allowance of Power IV, Snarl IV, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Back, Bite V, Coordinated Breath VIII, Dragon Intuition V, Staggering Howl II, Claw Mastery 14, Silver Strike IX, Tail Whip V, Refreshing Breeze V, Ravage III, Claw Mastery 15, Galewind V, Drulkars Focus V, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Tail, Ancestral Determination V, Coordinated Breath IX, Silver Strike X, Claw Mastery 16, Allowance of Power V, Snarl V, Bite VI, Claw Mastery 17, Coordinated Breath X, Dragon Intuition VI (L: 1, 5, 11, 15, 21, 25, 25, 35, 45, 50, 55, 65, 75, 75, 85, 95, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10, 10, 12, 13, 14, 18, 18, 19, 20, 20, 20, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 30, 30, 32, 32, 38, 38, 38, 40, 40, 40, 40, 41, 42, 44, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 50, 50, 50, 52, 57, 58, 58, 60, 60, 60, 60, 62, 63, 64, 66, 68, 69, 69, 70, 70, 70, 72, 75, 78, 78, 80, 80, 80, 80, 81, 82, 82, 84, 86, 87, 88, 88, 89, 90, 90, 90, 92, 94, 98, 98, 100, 100, 100, 100, M: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X)

Quested abilities[edit]

Please read Category:Dragon ability quests.

Spells, weapons and scales[edit]

Spell nameAttack typeSkill neededTier
Breeze IPrimal1
Gift of Primal Creator I1
Gift of Primal Knowledge I1
Gift of Shaper I1
Minor Primal Cure PoisonPrimal1
Primal Lightning Blast INaturePrimal1
Training BreezePrimal1
Breeze IIPrimal2
Gift of Primal Creator II2
Gift of Primal Knowledge II2
Gift of Shaper II2
Lesser Primal Cure PoisonPrimal2
Primal Lightning Blast IINaturePrimal2
Breeze IIIPrimal3
Gift of Primal Creator III3
Gift of Primal Knowledge III3
Gift of Shaper III3
Primal Cure PoisonPrimal3
Primal Lightning Blast IIINaturePrimal3
Breeze IVPrimal4
Gift of Primal Creator IV4
Gift of Primal Knowledge IV4
Gift of Shaper IV4
Major Primal Cure PoisonPrimal4
Primal Lightning Blast IVNaturePrimal4
Breeze VPrimal5
Gift of Primal Creator V5
Gift of Primal Knowledge V5
Gift of Shaper V5
Greater Primal Cure PoisonPrimal5
Primal Lightning Blast VNaturePrimal5
Primal CombustPrimalPrimal6

Weapon nameTier
Blighted Garnet Tipped Dragon Claw1
Blighted Malachite Tipped Dragon Claw1
Blighted Spiked Turquoise Tipped Dragon Claw1
Blighted Turquoise Tipped Dragon Claw1
Garnet Tipped Dragon Claw1
Malachite Tipped Dragon Claw1
Skalkaar Dragon Claw1
Spiked Turquoise Tipped Dragon Claw1
Turquoise Tipped Dragon Claw1
Wolf-Killer Dragon Claw1
Amethyst Tipped Dragon Claw2
Blighted Amethyst Tipped Dragon Claw2
Blighted Lapis Lazuli Tipped Dragon Claw2
Blighted Rose Quartz Tipped Dragon Claw2
Lapis Lazuli Tipped Dragon Claw2
Rose Quartz Tipped Dragon Claw2
Aquamarine Tipped Dragon Claw3
Blighted Aquamarine Tipped Dragon Claw3
Blighted Citrine Tipped Dragon Claw3
Blighted Jasper Tipped Dragon Claw3
Citrine Tipped Dragon Claw3
Claw of Summoning3
Jasper Tipped Dragon Claw3
Blighted Jade Tipped Dragon Claw4
Blighted Opal Tipped Dragon Claw4
Blighted Topaz Tipped Dragon Claw4
Jade Tipped Dragon Claw4
Opal Tipped Dragon Claw4
Topaz Tipped Dragon Claw4
Blighted Emerald Tipped Dragon Claw5
Blighted Fire Opal Tipped Dragon Claw5
Blighted Peridot Tipped Dragon Claw5
Blighted Spiked Emerald Tipped Dragon Claw5
Emerald Tipped Dragon Claw5
Fire Opal Tipped Dragon Claw5
Peridot Tipped Dragon Claw5
Spiked Emerald Tipped Dragon Claw5
Void Claw6

15th Anniversary Adult Diamond Head Scale1
15th Anniversary Ancient Diamond Head Scale1
15th Anniversary Juvenile Diamond Head Scale1
15th Anniversary Khutit Diamond Head Scale1
Blighted Bronze Dexterity Chest Scale1
Blighted Bronze Focus Wing Scale1
Blighted Bronze-Sandstone Armor Chest Scale1
Blighted Bronze-Sandstone Health Wing Scale1
Blighted Sandstone Power Chest Scale1
Blighted Sandstone Strength Wing Scale1
Bronze Dexterity Chest Scale1
Bronze Dexterity Wing Scale1
Bronze Focus Chest Scale1
Bronze Focus Wing Scale1
Bronze-Sandstone Armor Chest Scale1
Bronze-Sandstone Armor Wing Scale1
Bronze-Sandstone Health Chest Scale1
Bronze-Sandstone Health Wing Scale1
Sandstone Power Chest Scale1
Sandstone Power Wing Scale1
Sandstone Strength Chest Scale1
Sandstone Strength Wing Scale1
Skalkaar Hatchling Scale1
Splendid Chest Scale1
Splendid Wing Scale1
Blighted Iron Dexterity Chest Scale2
Blighted Iron Dexterity Head Scale2
Blighted Iron Dexterity Wing Scale2
Blighted Iron Focus Chest Scale2
Blighted Iron Focus Head Scale2
Blighted Iron Focus Wing Scale2
Blighted Iron-Slate Armor Chest Scale2
Blighted Iron-Slate Armor Head Scale2
Blighted Iron-Slate Armor Wing Scale2
Blighted Iron-Slate Health Chest Scale2
Blighted Iron-Slate Health Head Scale2
Blighted Iron-Slate Health Wing Scale2
Blighted Slate Power Chest Scale2
Blighted Slate Power Head Scale2
Blighted Slate Power Wing Scale2
... further results

School quests[edit]

Quest nameStarts withTypeLevelRewards
A Curious DragonVersanto the MasterErrand40
ARoP03 - Scale of Ancients - Speak with VladtmordtV'Tieru the GatekeeperErrand100
ARoP04 - Scale of Ancients - Fashion a Cask of HoldingVladtmordt the ChroniclerAdventure100
ARoP05 - Scale of Ancients - Light of the Ancient Fire (Helian)Lantenal the HermitAdventure100
ARoP05 - Scale of Ancients - Light of the Ancient Fire (Lunus)Lantenal the HermitAdventure100
ARoP06 - Scale of Ancients - Capture the Soaring Wind (Helian)Lantenal the HermitAdventure100
ARoP06 - Scale of Ancients - Capture the Soaring Wind (Lunus)Lantenal the HermitAdventure100
ARoP07 - Scale of Ancients - Armor of the Infinite (Helian)Lantenal the HermitAdventure100
ARoP07 - Scale of Ancients - Armor of the Infinite (Lunus)Lantenal the HermitAdventure100
ARoP08 - Scale of Ancients - Primal Divinity (Helian)Lantenal the HermitAdventure100
ARoP08 - Scale of Ancients - Primal Divinity (Lunus)Lantenal the HermitAdventure100
ARoP09 - Scale of Ancients - Harness the Inner Strength (Helian)Lantenal the HermitAdventure100Cask of the Ancient Elements
ARoP09 - Scale of Ancients - Harness the Inner Strength (Lunus)Lantenal the HermitAdventure100Cask of the Ancient Elements
ARoP10 - Scale of Ancients - The Golem King (Helian)Vladtmordt the ChroniclerAdventure100Helian Head Scale Of The Ancients
ARoP10 - Scale of Ancients - The Golem King (Lunus)Vladtmordt the ChroniclerAdventure100Lunus Head Scale Of The Ancients
ARoP11 - Gate of Embers: IntroductionV'Tieru the GatekeeperErrand100
ARoP12 - Gate of Embers: Ellean's Story Part OneV'Tieru the GatekeeperErrand100Unreadable Tablets
SkyMaster G-1700
ImageShooter 0.57b
Missing Star Pictures
Jendre's Constellation Chart
ARoP13 - Gate of Embers: Ellean's Story Part TwoJendre the AstronomerErrand100
ARoP14 - Gate of Embers: Gemstones for the Spell of PathfindingGrizelian the PrimalistCrafting100Ruby Focus Stone
Sapphire Focus Stone
Diamond Focus Stone
ARoP15 - Gate of Embers: Harness the Energy for the Spell of PathfindingGrizelian the PrimalistAdventure100Energized Ruby Focus Stone
Energized Sapphire Focus Stone
Energized Diamond Focus Stone
ARoP16 - Gate of Embers: Ellean's Story Part ThreeGrizelian the PrimalistErrand100Bark of the Great Dryad Tree
Spell Of Pathfinding
Constellation Chart of Ellean
Talisman of Farsath the Broadsword
Talisman of Rynine the Wolf
Talisman of Hirdean the Templar
Talisman of Karkaroth the Ancient
Talisman of Zarakasa the Serpent
ARoP17 - Ritual of Journey: PreludeV'Tieru the GatekeeperErrand100
ARoP18 - Ritual of Journey: Enter AkhanisHethsa the PatientAdventure100Dragon Soul
Black Obsidian Rune Shard
Dragon Soul Filled Black Obsidian Rune Shard
Glowing Styus Ink
Rune of Summoning
ARoP19 - Ritual of Journey: Spirits In SolitudeHethsa the PatientErrand100
ARoP20 - Ritual of Journey: The Focus of SpiritHethsa the PatientErrand100
ARoP21 - Ritual of Journey: By the Hand of Drulkar...V'Tieru the GatekeeperErrand100Focus of Spirit
ARoP22 - Ritual of Journey: Stars of AttunementV'Tieru the GatekeeperErrand100
ARoP23 - Journey to The Rift: The SleeperV'Tieru the GatekeeperErrand100
ARoP24 - Retribution: Seek the GuardiansThe SleeperAdventure100Primal Rebirth
Ferocious Roar
Elial's Blood
Elial's Heart
Elial's Brain
Elial's Bones
ARoP24b - Retribution: Defeat ElialGuardian of ElialAdventure100Faded Shard of Emotion
Forgotten Artifact (Rift Hoard)
Omen of the Rift
Relic of the Rift
ARoP25 - Retribution: Destroy The RiftrenderThe SleeperErrand100
ARoP26 - Ancient Rite - Conclusion (Helian)V'Tieru the GatekeeperErrand100Breath of Flame Burst
Dimensional Mastery
Rune of Ascension
Drulkar's Wings
Drulkar's Scales
The Primal Rage
Accurate Breath II: Focusing Your Breath WeaponLuadius the AccurateAdventure24Accurate Breath II
Aratanosh's FateKarane the HistorianAdventure80
Aratanosh: Destroy the Flame HorrorsAratanoshAdventure80
Aratanosh: Locate the Lost EldersAratanoshAdventure80
Aratanosh: Memories of the EldersAratanoshAdventure80Title: The Preservationist
Aratanosh: The Guardian of RageAratanoshAdventure80
Attunement to AedanBattleMaster GerixAttunement21
Attunement to DrakulGrand Warlord Umbelroth of Mithril WingsAttunement1
Avariatus' Quest: Learn About the Helian Faction!BattleMaster AvariatusLore0Imitation Chest Scale of the Prime
Avariatus' Quest: Learn About the Lunus Faction!BattleMaster AvariatusLore0Imitation Tempered Chest Scale
Balennos' RecollectionsKarane the HistorianErrand80
Become Adept with Teeth and ClawsPeriado the VeteranAdventure30Tooth and Claw Adept
Become a Master with Teeth and ClawsPeriado the VeteranAdventure100Ancient Barasavian Crown
Ornamental Breastplate
Tooth and Claw Master
Become a Primal AdeptGrizelian the PrimalistAdventure26Primal Adept
Become a Primal ExpertGrizelian the PrimalistAdventure66Primal Expert
Become a Primal Master (Part 1)Grizelian the PrimalistAdventure100
Become a Primal Master (Part 2)Grizelian the PrimalistAdventure100
Become a Primal Master (Part 3)Grizelian the PrimalistAdventure100Primal Master
Become an Expert with Teeth and ClawsPeriado the VeteranAdventure70Tooth and Claw Expert
Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choose Your PathKarane the HistorianErrand30
Blackhammer: The Lost LairBeltar BlackhammerErrand100
Breath of Acid: At Long LastKelakhanAdventure100Breath of Acid
Flask of Distilled Acid
Breath of Acid: Caution Contents HotKelakhanErrand100
Breath of Acid: Handle With CareOnyndrissAdventure100Glass Vial
Nielenoss' List of Ingredients
Prototype Tool Claw
Kelakhan's Letter to Witzel
Breath of Acid: IntroductionOnyndrissAdventure100Brachina Crystal
Breath of Acid: Rumble In The JungleTyalanganAdventure100Vial of Nature's Breath
Imbued Adamantium Flask
Breath of Acid: Success at LastKelakhanAdventure100
Breath of Acid: The Home StretchKelakhanAdventure100Shredded Thornwood Bark
Breath of Fire: Refining A Useful WeaponKelakhanAdventure60Elnathian Silver Bar (formula)
Breath of Fire III
Breath of Ice: Alter Your Breath Weapon TypeSemeneth the Ancient
Valkoth the Ancient
Adventure40Breath of Ice
Corvian Silver Bar (formula)
Splinter of Ice Bone
Essence of Ice
Breath of Lightning: Learn To Breathe Pure EnergyKelakhanAdventure80Breath of Lightning
Dahibian Silver Bar (formula)
Crystalshaper: The Emerald of Dahm'a'mun (Part 1)AhassunuErrand100
Crystalshaper: The Emerald of Dahm'a'mun (Part 2)Gulnor the ElderErrand100Crystal of Dahm'a'mun
Crystal of Dahm'a'mun Plans
Crystalshaper: The Emerald of Dahm'a'mun (Part 3)AhassunuAdventure100Brobbet's Tear
Draak Attunement: The Lost ColonyBrysmendrikAttunement30Draak Academy Portal Key Formula
Dragon's Reach I: Damage your Enemies from AfarBattleMaster GerixAdventure16Dragons Reach I
Dragon's Reach II: Selecting the SaplingsBentarasAdventure26Dragons Reach II
Dragon's Reach III: Uprooting the TreantsBentarasAdventure36Dragons Reach III
Dragon's Reach IV: Small Treants, Big ChallengeBentarasAdventure46Dragons Reach IV
Dragon's Reach IX: Yew Knew it was ComingBentarasAdventure90Dragons Reach IX
Dragon's Reach V: Oak Without the Ash and ThornBentarasAdventure56Dragons Reach V
Dragon's Reach VI: Sticky SaplingsBentarasAdventure66Dragons Reach VI
Dragon's Reach VII: "Maple" A Few TreantsBentarasAdventure76Dragons Reach VII
Dragon's Reach VIII: The Last of the Little OnesBentarasAdventure80Dragons Reach VIII
Dragon's Reach X: The Bigger They AreBentarasAdventure100Dragons Reach X
Dragon: Spirit of a MasterSpirit of AllathosErrand100The Annals of Nelthorr, Vol. 12
The Annals of Nelthorr, Vol. 5
The Annals of Nelthorr, Vol. 2
The Annals of Nelthorr, Vol. 4
The Bard's Tail
Drain Bolt I: Primal Secrets, Fiendish PrideBattleMaster GerixAdventure15Drain Bolt I
Drain Bolt II: Bet Your Life On ItKhemariusAdventure25Drain Bolt II
Drain Bolt III: Into the Dead PoolKhemarius (Chiconis)Adventure35Drain Bolt III
Drain Bolt IV: A Test of SpiritKhemarius (Tower of Healing)Adventure45Drain Bolt IV
Drain Bolt IX: The Azure TyrantKhemarius (Kirasanct Tundra)Adventure95Drain Bolt IX
Drain Bolt V: Field ResearchKhemarius (Tower of Healing)Adventure55Drain Bolt V
Drain Bolt VI: Performance EnhancementKhemarius (Tower of Sorcery)Adventure65Drain Bolt VI
Drain Bolt VII: Jaded in SpiritKhemariusAdventure75"The Tome of Draining Magic" by Khemarius
Drain Bolt VII
Drain Bolt VIII: The Spirit WithinKhemarius (Kirasanct Tundra)Adventure85Drain Bolt VIII
Drain Bolt X: A Spirited BattleKhemarius (Drulkar's Retreat)Adventure100Drain Bolt X
Drain Bolt: A Special RewardKhemarius (Kirasanct Tundra)Adventure100Special Spell: Drain Bolt
Drain Strike I: Gain The Power of the Draining StrikeBattleMaster GerixAdventure18Brass Coffer
Anamandryx (Pet)
Drain Strike I
Drain Strike II: Draining the Amethyst Golems of Their Life ForceSeverant the GreatAdventure28Drain Strike II
Drain Strike III: Challenging the Deep BlueSeverant the GreatAdventure38Drain Strike III
Drain Strike IV: Hard as Granite, Solid as StoneSeverant the GreatAdventure48Drain Strike IV
Drain Strike IX: Danger on DrakulSeverant the GreatAdventure95Drain Strike IX
Drain Strike V: Battle in the DesertSeverant the GreatAdventure58Drain Strike V
Drain Strike VI: A Break from Golem HuntingSeverant the GreatAdventure68Drain Strike VI
Drain Strike VII: Your "Jaded" TrainerSeverant the GreatAdventure78Drain Strike VII
Drain Strike VIII: Another Strange OasticSeverant the GreatAdventure85Drain Strike VIII
Drain Strike X: Trial of the EldersSeverant the GreatAdventure100Drain Strike X
Drulkar's Wrath Part 10: Vengeance of the Fire DemonSpirit of AllathosAdventure100Drulkar's Wrath
Drulkar's Wrath Part 1: A Simple SpellSpirit of AllathosErrand100
Drulkar's Wrath Part 2: Caught in CrystalSpirit of AllathosCrafting100Pristine Memory Crystal
Charged Memory Crystal
Drulkar's Wrath Part 3: Spiritual MattersBalennosErrand100
Drulkar's Wrath Part 4: The Desert RoseKiruuErrand100Priceless Mirror
Stuffed Exotic Bird
Lilden Scepter
Large Bag of Coins
Dried Blue Rose Petal
Drulkar's Wrath Part 6: Body, Mind, and SpiritKiruuErrand100
Drulkar's Wrath Part 7: What's Up, Doc?Doc TarrantCrafting100
Drulkar's Wrath Part 8: Braaaains...Doc TarrantAdventure100
Drulkar's Wrath Part 9: Mind Your EldersSpirit of AllathosErrand100
Earn Title: Confessor of the Clerical OrderAbbin the RegistrarAdventure0Title: Confessor of the Clerical Order
Title Bonus: Health II
Gerix's Training: ContinuationBattleMaster GerixAdventure10Primal Instant Heal I
Gerix's Training: IntroductionBattleMaster GerixAdventure10Dimensional Pocket
Gold Rage I: Bolster your Attack with Gold RageBattleMaster GerixAdventure20Gold Rage I
Gold Rage II: Wintheria's QuestWintheriaAdventure35Gold Rage II
Gold Rage III: Wintheria's ChallengeWintheriaAdventure50Gold Rage III
Gold Rage IV: Wintheria's Wolf ChallengeWintheriaAdventure65Gold Rage IV
Gold Rage V: Purple ChallengeWintheriaAdventure80Gold Rage V
Gold Rage VI: The Nah'gukWintheriaAdventure95Gold Rage VI
Gold Rage: The Challenge (Conclusion)Sergeant TemeracAdventure100Gold Rage VII
Gold Rage: The Challenge (Introduction)WintheriaAdventure100
Hardened Scales II: The Nature of ResilienceZebeginia the Scale HardenerAdventure26Hardened Scales II
Hardened Scales III: Fighting on the BeachZebeginia the Scale HardenerAdventure36Hardened Scales III
Hardened Scales IV: The Lush ForestZebeginia the Scale HardenerAdventure46Hardened Scales IV
Hardened Scales IX: A Face Only A Mother Bloodsnout Could LoveZebeginia the Scale HardenerAdventure90Hardened Scales IX
Hardened Scales V: Combat on Tough TerrainZebeginia the Scale HardenerAdventure56Hardened Scales V
Hardened Scales VI: The World of the ArbotusZebeginia the Scale HardenerAdventure66Hardened Scales VI
Hardened Scales VII: The Az'gulzit ClanZebeginia the Scale HardenerAdventure76Hardened Scales VII
Hardened Scales VIII: Into the WoodsZebeginia the Scale HardenerAdventure80Hardened Scales VIII
Hardened Scales X: The Final TestZebeginia the Scale HardenerAdventure100Hardened Scales X
Helian Path 1: Becoming an Adult DragonSemeneth the AncientErrand30
Helian Path 2: Acquire A Crystalline Vessel For Your PhylacteryLantenal the HermitAdventure30Charged Crystal Orb
Prismatic Focus Formula
Pure Crystal Orb
Helian Path 3: A Question of Balance: Theed's ChallengeSemeneth the AncientAdventure30Opal Ring
Helian Path 4: Create an Imbued Gold ClaspTheedErrand30Tapered Sapphire
Etched Sapphire
Etched Ruby
Etched Emerald
Hardened Gold Tine Formula
Imbued Gold Clasp Formula
Helian Path 5: Create a Statue of Your Adult SelfSemeneth the AncientAdventure30Dark Mirrored Surface
Obsidian Mirror Formula
Adult Dragon Statue Formula
Helian Path 6: Create a Phylactery of HeavensSemeneth the AncientAdventure30Helian Phylactery Formula
Phylactery of Heavens
Helian Path 7: Complete Your Journey and Become a True HelianSemeneth the AncientErrand30Shield of Gold
Token of Esteem
Path of the Helian
Breath of Fire II
Helian Path Choice 1: Hoard the RingTheedErrand30Tapered Emerald
Helian Path Choice 2: Buy the RingTheedErrand30Tapered Emerald
Helian Path Choice 3: Return the RingTheedErrand30Tapered Emerald
Investigate Karane the Historian's TaleKarane the HistorianErrand30
Kallinoth's JournalValkoth the AncientAdventure80
Learn To Change Your FormHethsa the PatientCrafting50Khutit Form
Dragon Form
Lunus Path 1: Becoming an Adult DragonValkoth the AncientErrand30
Lunus Path 2: Acquire a Crystalline Vessel For Your Phylactery.Lantenal the HermitAdventure30Charged Crystal Orb
Pure Crystal Orb
Segment of Broken Staff
Crystal of Captured Mind
Lunus Path 3.1: Create A Hardened Silver ClawValkoth the AncientAdventure30Hardened Silver Talons Formula
Lunus Path 3.2: Defeat the EnslaversValkoth the AncientAdventure30
Lunus Path 3.3: Defeat the Entombed and Infuse the ClawEntombed DragonAdventure30Bloodied Silver Claw
Lunus Path 3.4: Acquire an Imbued Silver ClawLantenal the HermitErrand30Imbued Silver Claw
Lunus Path 4: Create a Statue of Your Adult SelfValkoth the AncientAdventure30Obsidian Mirror
Changed Obsidian Mirror
Adult Dragon Mold
Statue of Your Adult Self
Dark Mirrored Surface
Obsidian Mirror Formula
Adult Dragon Statue
Lava-Filled Adult Dragon Mold
Lunus Path 5: Create a Phylactery of ShadowsValkoth the AncientAdventure30Lunus Phylactery
Lunus Phylactery Formula
Bluish Stone
Phylactery of Shadows
Lunus Path 6: Complete Your Journey and Become a True LunusValkoth the AncientErrand30Shield of Gold
Token of Esteem
Breath of Fire II
Path of the Lunus
Memni's Challenge: Earn Lasting EmbersMemni the AugmentorAdventure50Lasting Embers
Naithis' Lost Knowledge (Quest)Naithis the WatcherAdventure90Primal Cast
New Trismus 2: Dragons And Naka'duskaelSteward Pratt McGrubbenErrand0
Primal Instant Heal II: Beetles Mania ContinuesFrall the HealerAdventure20Primal Instant Heal II
Primal Instant Heal III: Warriors with a Side of IceFrall the HealerAdventure30Primal Instant Heal III
Primal Instant Heal IV: Into the Frozen TundraFrall the HealerAdventure40Primal Instant Heal IV
Primal Instant Heal IX: On to the Island of FireFrall the HealerAdventure95Primal Instant Heal IX
Primal Instant Heal V: The Bloody TearsFrall the HealerAdventure50Primal Instant Heal V
Primal Instant Heal VI: A Hotter Enemy For OnceFrall the HealerAdventure60Primal Instant Heal VI
Primal Instant Heal VII: Sand In the Claws!Frall the HealerAdventure70Primal Instant Heal VII
Primal Instant Heal VIII: Return to the ColdFrall the HealerAdventure85Primal Instant Heal VIII
Primal Instant Heal X: To the Doom!Frall the HealerAdventure100Primal Instant Heal X
Primal Mastery II: Bailout LisandiaLisandia the PrimalistAdventure22Primal Mastery II
Primal Mastery III: Fulfill Lisandia's ContractLisandia the PrimalistAdventure32Primal Mastery III
Primal Mastery IV: A Profitable Deal All AroundLisandia the PrimalistAdventure42Primal Mastery IV
Main: Braised Roast Venison
Primal Mastery IX: Trophies of the IslesLisandia the PrimalistAdventure90Primal Mastery IX
Primal Mastery V: Hack Down the Oak Treant PopulationLisandia the PrimalistAdventure52Primal Mastery V
Primal Mastery VI: The Flame ClanLisandia the PrimalistAdventure62Primal Mastery VI
Primal Mastery VII: Lay Tashka Lusa to RestLisandia the PrimalistAdventure72Primal Mastery VII
Primal Mastery VIII: Prove Your Primal PowerLisandia the PrimalistAdventure80Primal Mastery VIII
Primal Mastery X: Understanding the WindLisandia the PrimalistAdventure100Primal Mastery X
Spiked Scales II: Skulks in the ForestRykharAdventure28Spiked Scales II
Spiked Scales III: The Sal'gukRykharAdventure38Spiked Scales III
Spiked Scales IV: Chunks of IceRykharAdventure48Spiked Scales IV
Spiked Scales IX: A Different Sort of SkulkRykharAdventure90Spiked Scales IX
Spiked Scales V: An Easy ChallengeRykharAdventure58Spiked Scales V
Spiked Scales VI: A New EnemyRykharAdventure68Spiked Scales VI
Spiked Scales VII: A Second Pack of WerewolvesRykharAdventure78Spiked Scales VII
Spiked Scales VIII: It's Back to OgresRykharAdventure80Spiked Scales VIII
Spiked Scales X: The Final ChallengeRykharAdventure100Spiked Scales X
The ArchivesValkoth the AncientAdventure80
The Council's ConcernsRistef the PeacemakerAdventure80
The Guardian and the CrystalshaperAratanoshAdventure80Beginner Crystal Shards
Beginner Resistance Crystals
Stone of the Crystalshaper
The Hidden Dragon: Primal RestorationHidden DragonAdventure20
The Hidden Dragon: Recovering KnowledgeHidden DragonCrafting20
The Hidden Dragon: Tsraari's TaleHidden DragonLore20
The Stone of SeekingSemeneth the AncientCrafting80Stone of Seeking (formula)
Tooth and Claw II: Smooth As SilverXerixAdventure22Tooth and Claw Mastery II
Tooth and Claw III: Dull as IronXerixAdventure32Tooth and Claw Mastery III
Tooth and Claw IV: Getting Your Nickel Worth of GolemsXerixAdventure42Tooth and Claw Mastery IV
Tooth and Claw IX: Fire in the HeartXerixAdventure90Tooth and Claw Mastery IX
Tooth and Claw V: What Glitters In This Case Is GoldXerixAdventure52Tooth and Claw Mastery V
Tooth and Claw VI: Black as NightXerixAdventure62Tooth and Claw Mastery VI
Tooth and Claw VII: Glitters Like A RainbowXerixAdventure72Tooth and Claw Mastery VII
Tooth and Claw VIII: Moving StatuesXerixAdventure80Tooth and Claw Mastery VIII
Tooth and Claw X: Your Final Golem ChallengeXerixAdventure100Tooth and Claw Mastery X

Experience required per level[edit]

Total Experience needed to reach level 100 is 35,657,500. Prestige schools starting at a higher level than level 1 need less.

Example: Ranger starts at level 20. So it only needs 35,528,400 exp to reach 100. The 139,100 exp needed to reach level 20 are ignored.

Your character's rating is the mathematical sum of all your adventure schools.

Level XP for Next XP Required
1 100 0
2 200 100
3 400 300
4 600 700
5 900 1,300
6 1,200 2,200
7 1,500 3400
8 1,900 4,900
9 2,300 6,800
10 3,000 9,100
11 5,200 12,100
12 7,000 17,300
13 9,100 24,300
14 11,200 33,400
15 13,500 44,600
16 16,000 58,100
17 18,700 74,100
18 21,600 92,800
19 24,700 114,400
20 28,000 139,100
21 31,600 167,100
22 35,300 198,700
23 39,000 234,000
24 43,000 273,000
25 47,500 316,000
Level XP for Next XP Required
26 51,500 363,500
27 56,000 415,000
28 60,500 471,000
29 65,000 531,500
30 70,000 596,500
31 76,500 666,500
32 81,500 743,000
33 88,500 824,500
34 93,500 913,000
35 100,500 1,006,500
36 106,000 1,107,000
37 113,500 1,213,000
38 119,000 1,326,500
39 126,500 1,445,500
40 132,000 1,572,000
41 140,000 1,704,000
42 145,500 1,844,000
43 154,000 1,989,500
44 159,500 2,143,500
45 168,000 2,303,000
46 174,000 2,471,000
47 183,000 2,645,000
48 189,000 2,828,000
49 198,000 3,017,000
50 204,000 3,215,000
Level XP for Next XP Required
51 219,500 3,419,000
52 232,000 3,638,500
53 244,000 3,870,500
54 260,500 4,114,500
55 273,000 4,375,000
56 285,000 4,648,000
57 302,500 4,933,000
58 315,000 5,235,500
59 327,500 5,550,500
60 345,500 5,878,000
61 358,500 6,223,500
62 371,000 6,582,000
63 390,000 6,953,000
64 403,000 7,343,000
65 416,000 7,746,000
66 435,500 8,162,000
67 449,000 8,597,500
68 462,000 9,046,500
69 482,500 9,508,500
70 496,000 9,991,000
71 516,000 10,487,000
72 544,000 11,003,000
73 564,500 11,547,000
74 585,000 12,111,500
75 614,000 12,696,500
Level XP for Next XP Required
76 635,000 13,310,500
77 655,500 13,945,500
78 686,000 14,601,000
79 707,000 15,287,000
80 728,000 15,994,000
81 759,500 16,722,000
82 781,000 17,481,500
83 802,500 18,262,500
84 823,500 19,065,000
85 857,000 19,888,500
86 878,000 20,745,500
87 900,000 21,623,500
88 921,500 22,523,500
89 956,500 23,445,000
90 978,000 24,401,500
91 1,007,500 25,379,500
92 1,036,500 26,387,000
93 1,080,500 27,423,500
94 1,110,000 28,504,000
95 1,139,500 29,614,000
96 1,169,000 30,753,500
97 1,215,000 31,922,500
98 1,245,000 33,137,500
99 1,275,000 34,382,500
100 N/A 35,657,500
Original material from istaria.wikia.com by StalePopcorn — licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0.
Original material from istaria.wikia.com by StalePopcorn — licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0.
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Bite I (1, X) +, Claw Mastery 01 (1, X) +, Combat Stance: Adept (1, X) +, Sprint (1, X) +, Combat Stance: Alerted (1, X) +, Combat Stance: Conqueror (1, X) +, Combat Stance: Flame (1, X) +, Combat Stance: Primalist (1, X) +, Combat Stance: Protective (1, X) +, Combat Stance: Soldier (1, X) +, Combat Stance: Terror (1, X) +, Dodge (1, X) +, Dragon Intuition I (1, X) +, Neutral Stance (1, ) +, Silver Strike I (2, X) +, Tail Whip I (4, X) +, Claw Strike I (5, ) +, Refreshing Breeze I (6, X) +, Claw Mastery 02 (7, X) +, Ravage I (7, X) +, Galewind I (8, X) +, Drulkars Focus I (9, X) +, Add Dragon Scale Slot: First Wing (10, X) +, Ancestral Determination I (10, X) +, Coordinated Breath I (10, X) +, Protection (11, ) +, Silver Strike II (12, X) +, Claw Mastery 03 (13, X) +, Menacing Presence (14, X) +, Claw Strike II (15, ) +, Allowance of Power I (18, X) +, Snarl I (18, X) +, Claw Mastery 04 (19, X) +, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Head (20, X) +, Bite II (20, X) +, Coordinated Breath II (20, X) +, Dragon Intuition II (20, X) +, Ethereal Claw (21, ) +, Silver Strike III (22, X) +, Tail Whip II (24, X) +, Claw Mastery 05 (25, X) +, Claw Strike III (25, ) +, Gift Slots: Two (25, ) +, Refreshing Breeze II (26, X) +, Galewind II (28, X) +, Drulkars Focus II (29, X) +, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Second Wing (30, X) +, Ancestral Determination II (30, X) +, Coordinated Breath III (30, X) +, Claw Mastery 06 (32, X) +, Silver Strike IV (32, X) +, Claw Strike IV (35, ) +, Allowance of Power II (38, X) +, Claw Mastery 07 (38, X) +, Snarl II (38, X) +, Add Dragon Scale Slot: First Foreleg (40, X) +, Bite III (40, X) +, Coordinated Breath IV (40, X) +, Dragon Intuition III (40, X) +, Staggering Howl I (41, X) +, Silver Strike V (42, X) +, Claw Mastery 08 (44, X) +, Tail Whip III (44, X) +, Claw Strike V (45, ) +, Refreshing Breeze III (46, X) +, Ravage II (47, X) +, Galewind III (48, X) +, Drulkars Focus III (49, X) +, Add Dragon Scale Slot: First Hindleg (50, X) +, Ancestral Determination III (50, X) +, Claw Mastery 09 (50, X) +, Coordinated Breath V (50, X) +, Gift Slots: Three (50, ) +, Silver Strike VI (52, X) +, Claw Strike VI (55, ) +, Claw Mastery 10 (57, X) +, Allowance of Power III (58, X) +, Snarl III (58, X) +, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Second Foreleg (60, X) +, Bite IV (60, X) +, Coordinated Breath VI (60, X) +, Dragon Intuition IV (60, X) +, Silver Strike VII (62, X) +, Claw Mastery 11 (63, X) +, Tail Whip IV (64, X) +, Claw Strike VII (65, ) +, Refreshing Breeze IV (66, X) +, Galewind IV (68, X) +, Claw Mastery 12 (69, X) +, Drulkars Focus IV (69, X) +, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Second Hindleg (70, X) +, Ancestral Determination IV (70, X) +, Coordinated Breath VII (70, X) +, Silver Strike VIII (72, X) +, Claw Mastery 13 (75, X) +, Claw Strike VIII (75, ) +, Gift Slots: Four (75, ) +, Allowance of Power IV (78, X) +, Snarl IV (78, X) +, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Back (80, X) +, Bite V (80, X) +, Coordinated Breath VIII (80, X) +, Dragon Intuition V (80, X) +, Staggering Howl II (81, X) +, Claw Mastery 14 (82, X) +, Silver Strike IX (82, X) +, Tail Whip V (84, X) +, Claw Strike IX (85, ) +, Refreshing Breeze V (86, X) +, Ravage III (87, X) +, Claw Mastery 15 (88, X) +, Galewind V (88, X) +, Drulkars Focus V (89, X) +, Add Dragon Scale Slot: Tail (90, X) +, Ancestral Determination V (90, X) +, Coordinated Breath IX (90, X) +, Silver Strike X (92, X) +, Claw Mastery 16 (94, X) +, Claw Strike X (95, ) +, Allowance of Power V (98, X) +, Snarl V (98, X) +, Bite VI (100, X) +, Claw Mastery 17 (100, X) +, Coordinated Breath X (100, X) +  and Dragon Intuition VI (100, X) +