Dragon Tool Claw

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Dragon Tool Claw
Skill required: Mining
Used at: Scale Forge
Creating a Dragon Tool Claw:
Required tool:
Required skill: Dragon Scalecraft
Machine: Scale Forge
Bulk: 10
Hoard value:
Sell value:


This tool is worn as gauntlet over a dragon's claws. They can be imbued with a variety of crafting techniques and tool sockets. A crafting claw does not replace a dragon crafting abilities in any way. To use one, you must meet the minimum Mining or Quarrying skill.

Usable By[edit]

Dragon Tool Claws can be used by: Dragon Crystalshaper, Dragon Crafter, Dragon Lairshaper

Use Requirements[edit]

The Min skill refers to Mining or Quarrying.  The Skill Cap applies to Spellcraft, Dragon Scalecraft, and Lairshaping.

Name Bulk Min Skill Skill Cap
Bronze Dragon Tool Claw 10 1 250
Iron Dragon Tool Claw 10 140 450
Steel Dragon Tool Claw 10 280 650
Cobalt Dragon Tool Claw 10 420 850
Mithril Dragon Tool Claw 10 560 1050
Prototype Tool Claw 10 630 1150
Adamantium Dragon Tool Claw 10 700 -

Creation Requirements[edit]

Name Resource Need Min Skill Opt Skill Lowest Formula¹
Bronze Dragon Tool Claw Bronze Bar 24 - 12 1 100 Beginner Dragon Tool Claw
Iron Dragon Tool Claw Iron Bar 24 - 12 200 325 Beginner Dragon Tool Claw
Steel Dragon Tool Claw Steel Bar 24 - 12 400 550 Journeyman Dragon Tool Claw
Cobalt Dragon Tool Claw Cobalt Bar 24 - 12 600 775 Journeyman Dragon Tool Claw
Mithril Dragon Tool Claw Mithril Bar 24 - 12 800 1000 Expert Dragon Tool Claw
Adamantium Dragon Tool Claw Adamantium Bar 24 - 12 1000 1225 Master Dragon Tool Claw
¹Lowest Level Formula in which it is found.

Usable Techniques[edit]

These techniques can be applied to tool claws.
Tool Socketing
Armor Dye
All Weapon and Tool Dye Kits are useable
Craft: Crystalshaping
Craft: Essence Harvesting
Craft: Essence Shaping
Craft: Gemworking
Craft: Lairshaping
Craft: Mining
Craft: Quarrying
Craft: Salvaging
Craft: Scalecraft
Craft: Smelting
Craft: Spellcraft
Craft: Stoneworking
Craft: Transmutation
Statistic: Dexterity
Statistic: Focus
Statistic: Health
Statistic: Power
Statistic: Strength
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