Fiery Rift

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Fiery Rift
Destination pad: 15727 / 47292
Travel gate: No portal
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: 0
Available lairs: 0
Must be attuned by: V'Tieru the Gatekeeper
Coordinates: 15727 / 47292
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A sliver of the Realm of Fire, over the ages, has drifted closer to the Prime and has become more accessible and more easily traversed. It is a place of fire and death, and the few who have been there—even Relstaroth and Balennos—are loath to speak much of it, for their memories of that time are clouded.¹


Bipeds can access the experimental gate to Fiery Rift by using the Stone of Seeking.


NPC NameSchoolRatingXY
AratanoshDragon Crystalshaper12015,72247,279

No named creatures seen here.

All creaturesSchoolRating
Flame HorrorFlame Horror82
Greater DevourerLava Crab90
Guardian of RageRage140
Lesser DevourerLava Crab81
Lost ElderPrimalist84
Mote of RageRage Wisp81


Earn Title: Expert CrystalshaperAratanosh0
Aratanosh: The Power of MemoriesAratanosh80
The Guardian and the CrystalshaperDragon AdventurerAratanosh80
Aratanosh: Locate the Lost EldersDragon AdventurerAratanosh80
Aratanosh: Memories of the EldersDragon AdventurerAratanosh80
Aratanosh: The Guardian of RageDragon AdventurerAratanosh80
Aratanosh: Destroy the Flame HorrorsDragon AdventurerAratanosh80
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