Flame Spear II

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Flame Spear II
Item type: Product
Hoard value:
Sell value:
Tier: Tier 2

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Spell details

Attack typePierce
Skill usedSummoning

Usable by

Usable Techniques[edit]

Spell: Accuracy
Spell: Critical Damage
Spell: Gale
Spell: Pierce
Spell: Romp


Looted from[edit]

No creatures seem to drop it.

Looks like Flame Spear II isn't available as a collectable resource.

Looks like noone buys this item.

Who sells it?Location
Librarian of MagicDalimond
Found in formula(s)
Beginner Spell: Flame Spear
Expert Spell: Flame Spear
Journeyman Spell: Flame Spear

No quests reward this item.

No quests require this item.

Resources needed

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Resource: Pale Essence Orb, Slate Spell Shard (Need (min): 18, 5, Need (opt): 9, 5, Skill (min): 300, 300, Skill (opt): 425, 425, Skill: Spellcraft, Spellcraft, Tool: Dragon Spellcraft II or Rune Stylus, Dragon Spellcraft II or Rune Stylus, Machine: Scholar's Desk, Scholar's Desk)