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Fletchers are a focused craft school associated with the Blacksmith, dedicating their knowledge to the advancement of wooden weaponry and tools. By focusing on bows, staves, and similar weapons, Fletchers forgo crafting weaponry to master Fletching and related skills much more rapidly. When it comes to wooden weapons, Fletchers have no equal.

Skills and stats[edit]

Skill Points Lvl 100
is primary
Armor Use 7 700
Fletching 9 900 yes
Ingenuity 10 1000 yes
Logging 7 700
Lumbering 8 800 yes
Salvaging 8 800
Woodworking 9 900 yes
Stat Points Lvl 100
Health 5 500
Strength 6 600
Dexterity 9 900
Power 2 200
Focus 3 300

Trainers and requirements[edit]

NameFormulas soldLocated atxy
Dalzar StraightshotExpertAughundell25,13226,072
Mortan WoodcarverBeginnerDalimond22,76122,759
Nudrir FiddlesproutJourneymanNew Rachival23,15025,636
Siegmar RannveigJourneymanMahagra23,78730,386
Requirements to join
Fletching 80

Abilities gained by level


  • Name = the name of the ability
  • L = the level the ability is earned at in this school
  • M = is masterable?
Name L M
Ingenuity I 1 X
Logging I 1 X
Sprint 1 X
Ingenuity II 20 X
Logging II 20 X
Gift Slots: Two 25
Ingenuity III 40 X
Logging III 40 X
Gift Slots: Three 50
Name L M
Ingenuity IV 60 X
Logging IV 60 X
Gift Slots: Four 75
Ingenuity V 80 X
Logging V 80 X
Gift Slots: Five 100
Ingenuity VI 100 X
Logging VI 100 X

School quests[edit]

No quests found for Fletcher.


Resource formulas[edit]

Fletchers work in:

Tool formulas[edit]

Fletchers can use:

Weapon formulas[edit]

Fletchers can use:
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