Fragmented Cobalt Large Axe Blade

From Istaria Lexica

Fragmented Cobalt Large Axe Blade
Tier 4 Broken Item Component:

Though cracked and dull, it is possible that this blade could be repaired and used to create a new large axe.

Item type: Broken Item Component
Slots used:

Hoard value:
Sell value:
Tier: Tier 4



Is looted from?
Abscessing Aegror
Az'gulzit Fyakki
Az'gulzit Scavenger
Cobalt Chest
Cobalt Chest Mimic
Corrupted Blacksmith
Erupting Aegror
Human Zombie Sacrificer
Magma Adept
Magma Archer
Magma Beetlemaster
Magma Centurion
Magma Kwellen
Magma Legionnaire
Maple Chest
Maple Chest Mimic
Mighty Blight Spectre
Mighty Fire Blight
Mighty Ghost
Mighty Lava Blight
Mighty Mummy
Mighty Skeleton
Mighty Zombie
Obsidian Chest
Obsidian Chest Mimic
Torkal the Burning
Wraith Overseer


Fragmented Cobalt Large Axe Blade does not look like it's rewarded.