Gift of Armor

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Gift of Armor
A long-term blessing of physical protection.
Type: Buff Spell
Skill type: Augmentation
Skill required:
Level required:
Attack type:
Delay: 27
Recycle: 0:05
Range: 30
Duration: 2:00:00

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Takes up one Gift Slot.

Usable By[edit]

Battle Mage, Berserker, Blood Mage, Chaos Warrior, Cleric, Conjurer, Crossbowman, Druid, Elemental Archer, Flame Disciple, Guardian, Healer, Ice Disciple, Knight of Creation, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Reaver, Scout, Shaman, Sorcerer, Spearman, Spirit Disciple, Spiritist, Storm Disciple, Warrior, Wizard

Use Characteristics[edit]

NameEffectMin LevelAugmentation
Gift of Armor IEffect: Gift of Armor I
+2 Armor
Current School Level 1
Gift of Armor IIEffect: Gift of Armor II
+11 Armor
Current School Level 20
Gift of Armor IIIEffect: Gift of Armor III
+21 Armor
Current School Level 40
Gift of Armor IVEffect: Gift of Armor IV
+31 Armor
Current School Level 60
Gift of Armor VEffect: Gift of Armor V
+41 Armor
Current School Level 80

Creation Requirements[edit]

Used skill for crafting is Spellcraft, built with a Rune Stylus or Dragon Spellcraft (Ability) at a Scholar's Desk.

Name Resource Need Min Skill Opt Skill Lowest Formula³
Gift of Armor I

Sandstone Spell Shard


1 100 Beginner
Gift of Armor II

Slate Spell Shard
Pale Orb

10 → 5

200 325 Beginner
Gift of Armor III

Granite Spell Shard
Glowing Orb

10 → 5

400 550 Journeyman
Gift of Armor IV

Obsidian Spell Shard
Bright Orb

10 → 5

600 775 Journeyman
Gift of Armor V

Marble Spell Shard
Shining Orb

10 → 5

800 1000 Expert
³ Lowest Level Formula in which it is found.

Usable Techniques[edit]

On Gift of Armor can no techniques be applied.