Gifted Beginnings

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Gifted Beginnings

Release Type: Content Update
Rollout Live: 2021/08/18


Content Summary[edit]

  • New Trismus has been reimagined, with a brand new storyline following a dark threat brewing beneath the island. The square can now be repaired and maintained by the Gifted, less it fall into dark disrepair once more.
  • The Kion Militia are now facing new and more interesting threats under the Scorched Legion for you as the Gifted to fight. The story begins through the Disturbance questline with Commander Jaleo Devins.
  • In the south of the Lesser Aradoth, Scale-Guard Kerrak of the Sslanis Militia needs your aid to defend the stone city against the encroaching Withered Aegis.
  • The long-empty Floating Island has been given a new purpose by - and for - Dragons. Begin the questline with BattleMaster Talaurukar in the Imperial Army Camp.
  • The island of Genevia has been given a facelift, with various towns that can be rebuilt to house useful merchants surrounded by open plots.
  • A new wallet-like window has been added for Pets, you can access it from the Gem menu - if your pet appears to be missing from your inventory, please check the new Pets window!


  • Fixed typos in:
    • "Fall of Tazoon: Counterattack”
    • “(Daily) T1 Hero Master: Challenge Toth Goddek”
    • “(Daily) T2 Hero Master: Challenge Toth Akkanesh”
    • “(Daily) T3 Hero Master: Challenge Toth Batleth”
    • “(Weekly) T4 Hero: Challenge Exalted Gudal”
    • “Grant Smyth: Threat of Wolves”
    • “Recovered Relics”
    • Expert welger arena challenges
    • Gudal’s Scepter of Command
    • Welger Trait: Carapace
    • Title: The Living Dead and its effect
    • Artifact Mission - Master Level: The Order of Paladins
    • Grant's Lucky Stone
    • “Earn Title: Son of Gigaroth - Infernal Executioner”
    • (Daily) Artifact Hunter: Cleaving Research
    • (Daily) Artifact Hunter: Elbow-deep in Trouble(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Academic Fragrance
    • Earn Title: Project X - Mastermind
    • “Imperial Outpost: 50 Adamantium Sheetings”
    • Title Bonus: Flame I
    • Title Bonus: Evasion I
    • “Lore Quest: The Novo”
    • Claw Tech Kit: Soul of Kimak Torin
    • Weapon Tech Kit: Soul of Kimak Torin
    • “Smelting Mastery VII: Craft 70 Cobalt Bars”
    • “Lieutenant Elderincus' Investigation”
    • Krianos’ dialogues
    • “Sslanis Militia: The Town Stores”
    • “Skalkaar Tutorial: The Grulet Tusk”.
    • Creena’s dialogues
    • Kenal’s dialogues
  • Fixes some holes near the walls of the Eastern Deadlands.
  • Tutorial windows are now larger and in a brown-gold color scheme to match the game’s visual theme.
  • Corrected the description of Epic Travel Scrolls Box 1
  • Balit’s Island no longer requires attunement
  • Fixed Anarie’s persistent dialogue links
  • Fixed an incorrect signpost name in New Korealia.
  • Removed erroneous text from Reklar’s third title.
  • Added “Master Antidote” to the possible uses of Cave Crawler Venom.
  • “a dead mouse” and “a dead spider” are now known as “A Dead Mouse” and “A Dead Spider”.
  • A Dead Mouse and A Dead Spider no longer count as candy (the Fall Festival currency).
  • Paper Bag Hat: Sad Tech Kit will now properly apply itself.
  • Anarie has informed vaultkeepers around istaria that her services for the loyalty vault go up to a fifth tier.
  • Gloomwolf Claw can’t be hoarded anymore as other junk loot items.
  • Dried Blue Rose Petals are now attuned.
  • Power Strike and Power Shot technique effects won’t display a <missing> in their description anymore.
  • Items teched with Spell: Accuracy techniques, Weapon Tech Kit: Bounty Hunter - Long Range and Spell Tech Kit: Bounty Hunter - Long Beam now display their “attack skill (chance to hit)” bonus.
  • Fixed Helian’s Trust description.
  • Emberglass Shiv is no longer sellable on a consigner or pawnbroker and is now attuned
  • All basic currencies now have a standard worth of one copper, with more valuable versions adjusted proportionately.
    • Vendors have had their prices adjusted accordingly to match the new standards.
    • As a whole, costs have not changed, but it is easier to identify how many tokens an item may cost.
    • (e.g. Symbol of the Rift was worth 8 copper and Relic of the Rift 12. They are now 1 and 2 copper and the vendor prices have been reduced by 1/6 to match.)
  • Temporary world effects (weather) have been added to some parts of Istaria. This is a long process and more will be added to other places in future. These effects are purely visual.
  • Adamantium Sunscope now properly says what it consumes to recharge.
  • Frostwatch has received decorations and plots and lairs have been resized (as appropriate). Community projects await excited builders!
  • Title: Vindicator now properly gives Title Active: Welger Damage and Resistance II
  • Title: Executioner now properly gives Title Active: Welger Damage and Resistance III
  • Orthondrin’s Riddle now uses a paper icon instead of a missing one.
  • The bauble Bachanatus’ Hooves is now spelled correctly. (Previously said Bachantus).
  • A new music track has been added to the queue in Kion and in desert biomes.
  • Title: Eye of The Tiger is no longer restricted to Monk school.
  • Summer Movement given by Cotton Candy has been renamed to Enhanced Summer Movement.
  • Summer Movement and Enhanced Summer Movement will persist on log out.
  • Title: Avenger of the Iron Guard and Title: Defender of the Iron Guard no longer mention giving a bonus on activation in their description.
  • Radiant Impenetrable Armor Crystal, Radiant Indestructible Armor Crystal and Radiant Invulnerable Armor Crystal now properly give 1500xp when consumed.
  • Fixed Father Nuraa’s dialogues.
  • Spell Forge near Saphias will no longer float mid-air.
  • Changed Lose Sand Deposit position in Guild: Haven so it doesn’t partially float in the air anymore.
  • Schools of Mackerel shouldn’t spawn out of water anymore in Meadowhill.
  • Tebolli Bulb and Sorcelis Bulb now have a more appropriate icon.
  • The water drop effect no longer disappears when not looking at source


  • Vicious Thrust now recycles every 90 seconds (up from 30 seconds) and has a 10 meter range. Its debuff, Psychic Wound, lasts for 30 seconds (up from 7 seconds).
  • Niatha’s focus will now have a chance to provide its buff every 30 seconds
  • Out of combat resting heal rate has been doubled.
  • Improved descriptions of Welger traits given by Varrantoth’s Blessing.
  • Brown Wolf Ears:
    • Small Brown Wolf Ear is now known as Brown Wolf Ear.
    • Updated Brown Wolf Ear description
    • Updated quest “Go Bag 5 Brown Wolf Ears” description and quest step to fit the trophy name change.
  • Small Brown Wolf Tail is now called Brown Wolf Tail and had their description changed accordingly.
    • Adventure: Life I, Craft: Sculpting I, Spell: Accuracy I and Spell: Potency I techniques had their descriptions updated to require Brown Wolf Tail.
  • Stuns were modified so that each basic stun has a temporary resistance that matches its duration. This does not impact any stuns that are outside of the core types - Short, Moderate, Long, etc.
    • Moderate Stun now lasts for 5 seconds (up from 4s, with no deviation in time)
    • Long stun now lasts for 7 seconds (up from 6s)
    • Longer Stun now lasts for 9 seconds (up from 8s, with no deviation in time)
    • Extra Long Stun now lasts for 11 seconds (down from 12s)
  • Corrected a few titles from Dralnok’s Doom giving the same bonuses their predecessors did.
    • Champion of the Iron Guard and Scorpions’ Bane no longer give Two Hand Crush II nor One Hand Crush II.
    • Mylocs’ Bane no longer gives Spirit II.
    • Dung of Eternal Stench and Beetle Crusher no longer give Two Hand Slash II nor One Hand Slash II.
  • Scorpion’s Bane now properly awards the title active Scorpion Damage III.
  • Fyakki Damage I now works with spells.
  • Relic Protector once again awards +10 DPS against undead in the form of Title Active: Undead Damage III.
  • Kaasha’s Blessing will no longer conflict with other regeneration buffs, but will heal 40% less
  • Different tiers of Illustrious Stand effect will now conflict with one another
  • Dark Tiger Style now requires the Dark Tiger Grasp to be equipped
  • Might of Istaria’s Army now requires the Ceremonial Shield or Scale to be equipped
  • CombataBot Fury now requires the CombataBot to be equipped
  • Medibot Regeneration now requires the MediBot to be equipped
  • SpellaBot Fury now requires the SpellaBot to be equipped
  • Ebbe’it’s immunity now requires you to keep the combat ally equipped
  • CombataBot, MediBot, and SpellaBot no longer cap flyspeed and the recycle of their buffs is now 120s (down from 1800s)
  • Satyr's Charge now recycles every 60s (down from 180s) and has a 15m range, but shares a timer with other melee utility at 50%.
  • Steal Dexterity is now known as Steal Finesse, recycles every 30s (down from 60s), does direct damage, and has a wind-up (instead of a cooldown). Enhanced Finesse now lasts 120s (up from 30s)
  • Steal Strength is now known as Steal Vigor, recycles every 30s (down from 60s), does direct damage, and has a wind-up (instead of a cooldown). Steal Strength Increase is now known as Enhanced Vigor and lasts 120s. Steal Strength Decrease is now known as Weakened Vigor
  • Smokey Flavor can now take 2750 damage (up from 1000) before fading
  • Beginner Gift of Creator, Knowledge and Shaper formulas are now available for sale on Kerian on New Trismus and Xarinnis in Kion
  • Adjusted the treasure (candy) quantities that can be looted from Belohs the Matriarch, Unnerving Necromancer and Belohs’ Spawn.
  • Demon Flurry’s buff will now be known as Demonic Flurry and only apply to the next ability attack (once you have the buff it won’t fade until you use it).
  • Light/Dark Skala pets no longer provide an “always-on” aura, but instead only provide extra damage to the target on an actual hit. This is to prevent exploitative idle farming and does not actually change the mechanics of the pet for those actively in combat.
  • Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Resliak's Gratitude can be applied on staves now.
  • Greater Epic Presence aura has been reverted to use the original effect (not the “test” effect)
  • Skala Pet radiation damage is now of type “energy”
  • The abilities and bane “Degradation” are now spelled properly.
  • Galt’s Blade now requires to have completed “Jolan's Story: Malevolence” to be equipped.


  • Crafting machines next to Heraxius and Saphias have been changed to regular imperial machines as tiered ones are restricted to player built lairs.
  • Cedar Trees outside of Spirit Isle and New Trismus will once again have standard resource amounts
  • Added persistent dialogue to Tinkerer trainers - Lagertha, Harhaziel and Kharae
  • Tree resources now have floating name like every other resource in game.
  • Organic resource nodes now have a random scale (within range) to make the world a bit more varied. Rich node will still remain bigger than regular node, and Motherlode will still remain bigger than Rich node.
  • Corrected the skill requirements for Expert Dragon Scale Tech Kit: Razor Teeth.
  • Empyrean Essence now requires 1000 skill instead of 900 to gather as a minimum and will no longer offer a chance for a bonus.
  • Tailor trainers Anni Nimblethread, Darielem, Mizumah, Sibbe Jaddvor now have dialogues and offer to join Tailor school.
  • Statue Mold, produced from a formula, isn’t attuned anymore.
  • Discontinued Cargo Disk now has bulk of 4000 (up from 3200)
  • Statue of Mia (Crossbow version) will now require an Istarian Army Knife or Dragon Ingenuity ability to apply a Pristine Statue Mold.
  • Beginner, Journeyman, Expert Fall Festival Treats formulas now use Intuition to craft food items. Max skill range has been reduced to Min skill range. Crafting these food items no longer awards crafting experience (as they are event formulas). Formulas still require cooking to scribe.
  • Resource node respawn rates are more consistent across all tiers
  • Tier 1 suit/outfit formulas were added. This change allows a player to replace a number of individual formulas with a single one that can make each piece of armor within a set, but at the expense of being able to craft more than one tier from a formula. Overall this reduces the total number of formulas you would need to make a type of armor (such as platemail) across all Tiers.
    • Amenak in Kion now sells Bronze Platemail Suit, Bronze Chainmail Suit, Bronze Scalemail Suit and Bronze Ringmail Suit formulas
    • Bolo in Kion now sells Flaxen Cloth Outfit and Rough Hide Outfit formulas
    • Kiva in Kion now sells Flaxen Cloth Outfit, Rough Hide Outfit, Flaxen Padded Outfit and Rough Leather Outfit formulas
    • Corrected XP award for making Rough Hide Leggings in the Beginner Hide Leggings formula (at optimum skill it was giving 45 XP less than it should have)
    • Chipahua in Sslanis now sells a Flaxen Cargo Suit formula
  • All raw epic resources now have 0 hoard and the same amount of bulk.
  • Master Tarbash's Cargo Disk now properly requires 1175 skill
  • Obsidian and Marble Construction Blocks and Keystones on L/S Dryad Memorial Trees, L/M/S Dwarven Memorial Headstones, L/M/S Elven Memorial Headstones, and L/M/S Human Memorial Headstones now properly use a Masonry Trowel instead of a Fitting Mallet.
  • Fixed Craft: Dragon Crafter's Benefit technique.
  • Gift scroll formulas can no longer be used to make Gifts of Dexterity, Focus, Power and Strength.
  • Twilight Essence, Orbs and Formula are no longer tradeable or valued by pawnbrokers.
  • Formulatron has been cleaned up and no longer offers some Beginner Formulas that can already be purchased by NPCs.
  • Some Beginner Formulas that can be purchased from NPCs will no longer drop in loot.
  • Geleon's Master Scroll formula now has a proper icon.
  • Expert Improved Ice Bolt formula has the right icon instead of Prime Bolt formula icon.


  • The Abandoned Island has received a few daily quests rewarding Gratitude Tokens on Jon Parkh.
  • Sslikified dialogues of quest “The Iron Confectioner.
  • Corrected dialogue in Imperial Outpost quests to gather 50 construction/lair resources
  • Quest “Earn Title: Falgut the Slaver - Savior” will now let you use Exceptional Shards of Freedom
  • Quest “Mining Mastery VII: Collect 100 Cobalt Ore” now properly awards 1/10th the XP and uses a gather step rather than simply asking you to return with the ore.
  • Jatell in quest “Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: For the Empire” will no longer tell you he’s giving you coin when his subordinate, Kincaid, does so.
  • Quest “The Tale of Darkstaff the Ancient (Part 5)” will now properly delete the Darkstaff’s Armor Crystal
  • Joggler Snimms changes:
    • Quest “Collect All The Bitter Pickle Bottle Caps” is now restricted to biped races as this quest is only a requirement to quest “Joggler Snimms: Bonding the Blades”.
    • Quest “Collect All The Bitter Pickle Bottle Caps” can’t be obtained anymore if the player has already completed quest “Joggler Snimms: Bonding the Blades”.
    • He now offers Dragons a copy of the Bottle Cap Collecting formula (if they meet formula requirements) if they don’t already own it, so they can try the bottle caps challenge at the Bitter Pickle to fill their hoard.
    • He now offers players who have completed quest “Joggler Snimms: Bonding the Blades” a copy of the Bottle Cap Collecting formula if they don’t already own it.
  • Fixed quest “Mining Mastery IX: Collect 100 Mithril Ore” to not complete in the field
  • Corrected quest “Land of the Exile: Vengeance” to be completable
  • Sindenis' List of Ingredients is now properly given during the quest “Burning Archer: 11 - Brew for Sindenis”.
  • Quests "Holy Symbols: Symbol of Life" and "Remnants of an Artifact (Part 4)" will now remove the Crystal Flask
  • Quests “Earn Title: Lore Seeker Award” and “Earn Title: Lore Master Award” are obsolete and have been removed from Onyndriss. (You now receive these awards simply by owning the title.)
  • Blood Skulk Crude Spearhead, Blood Skulk Pendant, Blood Skulk Rudimentary Charm and their related quests have “Blood Skulk” properly spelled instead of “Bloodskulk”.
  • Onyndriss will properly take back his Requisition Form in quest “Delgarath Militia: Collect Provisions for the Militia”.
  • Earn Title: General Reklar Plaguebearer - Vandus’ Sword now caps the amount of Chunks of Reklar’s Flesh to 10.
  • Earn Title: Memory of Elial - Chronicler and Sleeper’s Talon now cap the amount of Magic Remnants of Elial you can obtain at 10.
  • Quest “Skalkaar Tutorial 9: Spider Killing” now has Karkath properly telling the player to kill 3 spiders, instead of 5.
  • Quests on Skalkaar now give updated XP to create a better flow and ensure you are level 4 when you reach New Trismus as both an Adventurer and Crafter (if you do the bare minimum asked).
  • Quests for Blacksmith, Outfitter and Scholar on Spirit Isle now give coin and also updated XP to ensure a better flow and that you are level 4 when you reach New Trismus
  • The quest “Gerix's Quest: Visit the Grand Dragon Cities” now attunes you to the cities during the quest to avoid any complications.
  • The quest “Avariatus’ Quest: Learn about the Lunus Faction!” can now properly be picked up by dragons of any level like its Helian counterpart.
  • Quest “Niesa's Fate (Part 3)” now directs you to enter the Trader’s Hall in Mahagra instead of speaking with Feljat there.
  • In quest “Town Marshall: Slate For Brains”, feedback now asks player to return to Dalimond instead of Chiconis.
  • Fixed quest “Earn Title: Expert Crystalshaper” description.
  • Fixed experience reward in quest “Scholar's Quest: A Tale of Two Magics”. Player is now guaranteed to be level 2 Scholar on quest completion.
  • Town Marshall Grulnar and Saenethra won’t offer Emblem: Balit’s Friend for Tokens of Gratitude anymore: all players who have completed quest “Kill the Werewolf Named Eyetooth” should have the title ability in their character window and the emblem is now useless.


  • Opal Golems, Jade Golems, topaz Golems, and Nickel Golems (in the Aughundell Mines) no longer have shared (linked) spawns. Named golems in these areas are also unlinked (but may spawn in the same regions).
  • Fire Wolves no longer have a shared (linked) spawn with Flame Wolves and they will spawn in a more sparse pattern
  • Ulmus beetle spawns on the Abandoned Island are more consistent
  • Draak changes:
    • Pale Hatchlings won’t ask for help anymore.
    • Ghostly Dragons will only have a maximum of 2 Pale Hatchlings with them instead of 3.
  • Moulani, the Redden Matron, will no longer share a spawn with other Redden Matrons
  • Brachina Beetles won’t drop Brachina Beetle Glands anymore as standard loot as they are only used for Breath of Acid quests.
  • Spiders on Skalkaar/Spirit Isle on longer drop Undamaged/Damaged Spider Eyes
    • Undamaged/Damaged Brown Spider Eyes are now obsolete
  • Falgut the Slaver now has slightly more health, does more damage, and will use Enslave a bit faster.
  • Zienad, the Jade Golem named, is now lvl 80 instead of lvl 81 - 85 but with a boost of stats.
  • Deh’guk Gatherers should now properly no longer aggro.
  • The Memory of Elial is now level 150, up from 140, like all other Greater Epics. Elial the Mercenary in the Rift is now level 140, down from 160.
  • Shifted the Avatar of Pain’s range slightly down the path to avoid him walking into the Greater Anchor spawn region.
  • Roaming Fragments no longer drop Magma Fragments as they already dropped Greater Fire elemental Materia.
  • Standardized all of the name colors on mimics to be white instead of red.



Many adventure abilities are now mastered to encourage picking up side classes and give more variety to multiclassed bipeds. In addition, a few abilities have been given some polishing to make them more attractive or balanced.


  • Blazing Strike (1 to 4) is now masterable
  • Fiery Judge (1 and 2) is now masterable
  • Fiery Judge now recycles every 90s (down from 120s)


  • Shield Breaker now recycles every 30s (down from 150s)
  • Hamstring is now masterable
  • Shield Breaker is now masterable
  • Wild Swing (1 to 3) is now masterable


  • Exsanguinate now recycles every 60s (down from 150s), but can no longer be used with with any mods that give bonus attacks

Chaos Warrior[edit]

  • Chaos Strike (1 to 4) is now masterable


  • Magic Crush is now known as Vokkai’s Crush, gives a Short Stun on hit, has a 30s recycle for all versions (some were previously 45s), and gives additional damage by tier of 10, 20, 35, 50, 70 (was 10, 20, 30, 40, 60). The first three tiers are now masterable.


  • Superior Heal now recycles every 60s (down from 90s)
  • Superior Heal (1 to 3) is now masterable
  • Aura of Health I is now masterable
  • Aura of Health (2 and 3) now requires you to be an active healer to keep the aura (this does not impact the group heal)
  • Aura of Health (all tiers) will now fire their heal up front before any delay, but will fail on conflict


  • Fireball I now does 14-18 damage (up from 7-10)
  • Incinerate I now does 29-34 damage (up from 7-10) and recycles every 25 seconds (down from 30 seconds)
  • Icy Shards now does 18-22 damage (up from 9-11) and has a wind-up of 2 seconds (down from 2.5 seconds)
  • Magic Shell I will now heal 2.5% of maximum health on an incoming hit.


  • Mind over Body now recycles every 15s (up from 5s) but will persist after logout


  • Paladin’s Aura of Light now requires you to be an active Paladin to keep the aura itself (this does not impact the aura’s group buff)
  • Aura of Command III now requires you to be an active Paladin to keep the buff (this does not impact the group buff)
  • Life Strike (1 to 3) is now masterable
  • Aura of Command (1 and 2) is now masterable


  • No longer receives Lightning Arrows.


  • Carving Strike (1 to 3) is now masterable


  • Sorcerer’s Clarity of Thought now requires you to be an active Sorcerer to keep the buff.


  • Tactical Strike (1 to 3) is now masterable


  • Warrior now receives Charge at levels 5, 25, 45, 65 and 85. Charge no longer has a pre-delay, has a 15m range, stuns instead of interrupts, and the first three are masterable.
  • Heroic Shout’s Confused is now a mesmerize (Confused I lasts 20 seconds and fades after 5 hits, Confused II lasts 30 seconds and fades after 8 hits)


Small adjustments have been made to the skill gain of various classes to solidify their roles. Additionally, jewelcraft has been added to Outfitter and Jeweler has been upgraded to a prestige school. This change is to better allow access to crafting jewelry for new players.


  • Raised Quarrying from 7 to 8 points per level


  • Lowered Earthencraft from 10 to 9 points per level
  • Lowered Fishing and Foraging from 9 to 8 points per level
  • Raised Preparing from 8 to 9 points per level


  • Raised Essence Harvesting and Quarrying from 7 to 8 points per level
  • Raised Gemworking from 8 to 9 points per level


  • Is now considered a prestige school and requires 80 Jewelcraft (level 10 Outfitter) to join.


  • Now gains Quarrying at 7 points per level.
  • Now gains Jewelcraft and Gemworking at 8 points per level.


  • Lowered foraging from 9 to 7 points per level


  • Removed Woodworking and Sculpting
  • Lowered Earthencraft from 10 to 9 points per level


New Trismus[edit]

New Trismus has received an overhaul to reflect our new form of storytelling and better introduce new players into the game.


  • The destroyed old town of New Trismus is now known as the New Trismus Square and has buildings that can be repaired with basic processed resources (sandstone bricks, etc).
    • All buildings in the square have five stages of destruction. As the square grows more destroyed, the Blight creeps in further.
    • The Town Square takes damage every week during maintenance. To keep it from being overrun, Gifted must contribute resources.
    • The Town Square’s buildings have been changed from the old thatch roof style to a new version that matches the town itself. The models, however, remain the same.
    • The destroyed shrine has been repaired, will not be damaged, and is now the only New Trismus Shrine.
    • The previously shoddy palisade has been replaced by a world project stone gate. (This will not take weekly damage.)
  • The greater Town of New Trismus has received a few visual and organisational changes.
    • The landing pad now has a bit more room around it.
    • The General Store has been moved to where the Tavern once was. The Tavern replaces an empty house across from the previous store location.
    • The Dining Hall has been moved into a more accessible location and is now known as the Diner.
    • A new gate has been added to cut through the northern mountains to facilitate easy travel during the story.
    • A shortcut to the ore refinery region has been added next to Kerian’s crafting lair.
  • The Deadlands and frontline have received a large amount of changes.
    • The frontline has been moved forward and away from the town square, towards a bottleneck point further down the road.
    • The Aegis end of the frontline now contains various ruined buildings.
    • The Deadlands now has a direct entrance behind the Blight anchor, allowing easy passage.
    • The Deadlands have been expanded greatly towards the east. The northern and southern tips of the island have been unblighted as the Aegis concentrate their power in the well-fortified northern mountains.
  • The map has been updated to include more labels and terms for points of interest and geography to help with navigation.
    • The large mountain is now known as Trueheart Rise.
    • The frontline is referred to as the Rotting Reach.
    • The southeastern beach is called the Southern Shore.
    • The Lookout Camp and Cliffside Camp have been labelled.
    • The northern tip of the island is now called Pure Point.
  • The pond with the shrine west of New Trismus is now known as the Pond of The Rested Spirit. Quest “The Lone Wolf of New Trismus” has been updated with this new point of interest.
  • The road between the Lookout Camp and the Deadlands in New Trismus is now known as the Withered Path.
  • Kerian’s cave now has a Stoneworking Pedestal.


  • Kerian’s crafting quests have been given a quality pass.
    • They now have level requirements from four to eight and can be done at the level given. They should also provide enough experience for you to reach the subsequent level.
    • They no longer require you to fight monsters to obtain components and instead give them to you directly.
    • Kerian now has two more quests to introduce players to scale packs and cargo disks. The latter awards you a level one version of the Dragon-style cargo disk. In return, Geoff no longer offers the cargo disk quest to dragon players.
  • The story of New Trismus and its fight against the Invae has been rewritten from the ground up.
    • The story-centric Lookout Camp has been moved south, back to its more original position by the Ruined Homestead.
    • Barak’s camp, now known as the Cliffside Camp, resides on the cliffs overseeing the frontline and main Deadlands gate.
  • Retired the adventure class-specific hourly quests ‘Collect Wolf Bones for Geoff’.
  • (Hourly) City Under Siege, (Daily) Defeat the Blight Anchor, Rhagool: Looking for Junk, and (Hourly) Fending Off Grulets, Jeremiah Trueheart's Request, and the Withered Bane quests have been modernized and updated for the new island structure.
    • In the Withered Bone, you now have to loot the Grand Magus for the Blighted Bone (instead of being given it and looting it).
  • Acolyte Miry, Sergeant Gaedin, Ulaven, Sadie, and BattleMaster Avariatus now offer rewritten class-specific quest-lines expanding on advanced combat tactics. These quests can be taken during or after the completion of the second New Trismus story quest.
  • Fixed directions in quest “The Windmill”.
  • Quest “The Windmill” on New Trismus can’t be obtained anymore once quest “Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 5)” is completed as its purpose is to lead the player to Revion’s quests.
  • Sergeant Gaedin in quest “Blacksmith: If These Hammers Could Talk!” no longer talks about being in the tavern.
  • Johald now gives you a Training Harvest Knife instead of Sap Spigot in the quest Outfitter: Distilling, An Introduction.
  • Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Resliak's Gratitude now boosts Strength and Power by +10 instead of +25
  • Jeremiah Trueheart’s Trophy Hunting quests no longer have a max level restriction.
  • Links in Elenna and Reffis Ironforge’s dialogue have been fixed.
  • The quest Frelic’s Pets’ steps won’t vanish anymore from quest tracker. Tutorials for the wallet and pet windows have also been included.
  • The quest Town Marshalls of Istaria will no longer autocomplete at the last step. Pratt’s speech has been improved.

Monsters and NPCs[edit]

  • Changed the levels of monsters on New Trismus to more smoothly scale as you move away from the town areas. They are now consistent and do not range.
  • Lesser Flesh Masters and Flesh Masters are now followed by Fleshlings and Greater Fleshlings respectively instead of normal maggots.
  • Flesh Shepherds are now accompanied by a Decayed Hound.
  • New monsters roam the interior of the New Trismus Deadlands.
  • Guran in New Trismus will no longer offer to send you to other trainers off the island if you are between level 10 and 20
  • Kerian, bothered by the amount of naka, has moved from the town square into the town’s crafting lair.
  • Frelic has been moved into the town square inside the curved Armory building.
  • A new character, Efimia Saloniana, has moved into the building previously inhabited by Frelic. She offers advanced information on Istarian combat.
  • An ancient dragon now sits on the peak of Trueheart Rise, offering the Dragon equivalent of information offered by Efimia.
  • Ulaven and Acolyte Miry now have fewer trainees and now reside by the Lookout Camp.
  • Sadie no longer trains her scouts in town and instead utilizes a small archery range behind the armory.
  • Sergeant Gaedin trains his warriors in the space previously occupied by Elden’s farm, directly outside of the square. Elden has moved his farm further down the road.
  • Trainers will now warn you if you have skipped Spirit Isle and advise you to return, but will no longer prevent you from joining a school.
  • Jeweler, Gatherer, and Miner can no longer be joined or rejoined from New Trismus. The trainers will direct you to Kion instead.
  • Both adventure and tradeschool trainers have been given updated dialogue.
  • Balanced monster spawns in New Trismus Deadlands and tweaked monsters’ AI.
  • Braekhis on New Trismus is no longer a trainer
  • Chef Shisheroth has left New Trismus for an initiatic trip as a Confectioner. He has been replaced by Chef Ganthoss.

Lesser Aradoth[edit]

The Lesser Aradoth has received wide-reaching quest changes to better balance and scale with players moving through the region for the first time, while also offering interesting new storylines, rewards, and points of interest.


  • Plots and lairs have been resized as appropriate
  • Added Tomatoes, Green Pepper, Corn, Potatoes, Coconut trees to Parsinia
  • Added Minnow as well as a tiny patch of Sandstone and Slate to Bridgeview
  • Added tiny patch of Sandstone and Slate to Sslauron
  • Two new plots added to Lower Sslanis
  • Blighted Outpost is now known as the Temple of Merrasat
  • The ring of stones south of Kion is now called the Ancient Stones
  • The Kion Volcano is now named Amu’merras
  • Kion now has a gate called the Forest Gate which is on the slopes of Amu’merras above the South Gate.
  • The gates of Sslanis now have names - Gate of the Sun, Gate of the Moon, and the Jungle Gate.
  • Cave of the Winds no longer costs coin to enter.
  • Adjusted spawn density on the road between Sslanis and Parsinia.


  • Kion Militia and Sslanis Militia quest chains on Lesser Aradoth have been completely rewritten and expanded and now operate as story quests that are interwoven with the Disturbances quest chain on the island.
  • Quest “Expanding the Date Farm” now asks you to kill 12 Agh’kuk Gatherers instead of 20
  • Quest “Monk: Learn the Disciplines” has been rewritten to have expanded dialogue and to use NPCs located on Lesser Aradoth
  • Quest “Ancient Clothing” now requires level 15 adventurer
  • Jolan’s Quests have been rewritten to contain more story and can be started once you have completed Disturbances 5.
  • Quest “Felisie's Desires” is now more clear about the location of the beetles to kill, now requires 12 (instead of 20) and includes Gritus Maximus.
  • Sslanis Militia quests “Giant Loricatus Beetle Stomp”, “Battle Sugar Cane”, “The Defender’s Blade” and “Storming the Dead” have been updated.
  • Quest “Priscilla the Shoulder Parrot” now requires level 25
  • Quest “Mementos for Fillet” has been modernized, is now classified as an adventure quest and is given by Scale-Guard Kerrak. Dialogues have been fixed as well.

Monsters and NPCs[edit]

  • Urden is no longer found in the Temple of Merrasat, but instead far to the south in Kaasha’s Ring
  • Vannes and Illinos have been relocated from the Isle of the Drowned to a more appropriate location for their level.
  • Geleon will now offer to exchange Galt’s Blade for a Weapon/Claw tech kit (NOTE: This is pending a further change with the next delta to offer more variety to bipeds).
  • Lieutenant Borlak is now a Saris Skeleton instead of a Sslik Skeleton and is an appropriate level for Lesser Aradoth.

Tazoon Region[edit]

The Tazoon Region, focus of our prior updates, has been given some fixes and corrections to outstanding issues. General

  • Taur-el's Crystal of Echoes will now properly echo 10% of incoming primal damage
  • Golden/Silver Raiment of Varran’s Chosen is now Golden/Silver Raiment of Varrantoth’s Chosen
  • Fixed Bachan-style Headstone icon color.
  • Quest reward formula “Rare Main Dish: Charred Flank "Welger Style"” now properly requires Charred Flank instead of Swordfish Steak.
  • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Seal of Varrantoth will now properly apply itself to helms and head scales.
  • The following issues were hotfixed:
    • Shau’s BattleStone can damage Nazderon again.
    • In quest “Sparcro: Find Protector Maika”, Sparcro will properly perform an animation when the player returns to him.
    • In the quest “Gelrick's Fragments of Emblem”, Solistan will talk to the player when presenting the Fragments of Emblem.
    • In quest “Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion (Part 6)”, In'athoi the Scholarly will properly perform an animation when she asks the player to wait for a moment.Fixed a grammar issue in Blighted Stone Sample description.
  • Added more details to Soul of Kimak Torin description for Tech Kit creation (player needs to meet the same requirements as to equip the weapon).
  • Spell Tech Kit: Fragment of The Chalice is now sold by Dezwar Gabbledock in New Rachival
  • Genuata really has the Tome of the Wizard for sale this time.
  • Fixed description of Jade Snapper Hide
  • Fixed lore loopholes in quest “Lore Quest: The Novo”.
  • Fixed description of the ability “Char Raw Meat”.


  • Fixed quest “Gelrick's Fragments of Emblem” to give you all four Fragments of Emblem
  • Title: Vengeance Served properly requires to have completed the quest “Shau's Vengeance: Vengeance Served” to be used.
  • Clarified directions in quest “New Rachival Defense Force: Carry Word North”
  • An active quest step should now display at all times for “Fall of Tazoon: The Aftermath (Part 1)”Fragment of The Chalice item is properly deleted when completing quest “Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion (Part 6)”.
  • Quest “Angwu: Supplying the Troops” properly uses the new quest icons now.
  • Improved directions in quest “Tools of the Trade”.
  • The Blighted Stone Sample is now taken from the player's inventory when talking to Juquenas/Minisa in quest “The Plague: Cure (Part 3)”.
  • Quest “Ruin of Tazoon: The Ruins” will now delete the Map of the Ruin of Tazoon.
  • Map of the Ruin of Tazoon now has a smaller icon.
  • Quest “Zuyazu: Special Delivery” can’t be taken anymore before completing “Zuyazu: The Finishing Touch”.
  • Once quest “Fall of Tazoon: Introduction” is completed, connector quest “New Rachival Defense Force: Carry Word North can’t be obtained anymore as its purpose is to lead players to Granite Hills Camp.
  • Changes were made to Shau’s Grief questline to prevent issues with Angwu’s visibility:
    • Shau’s Weapon Token and Instructions for Zuyazu are now rewards of quest “Shau's Grief: Items of Strength (Part 4)”.
    • Quest “Shau's Grief: A Gift From Shau” can now only be obtained after completing quest “Shau's Grief: Items of Strength (Part 4)”.
    • Taur-el’s Crystal of Echoes is now the reward of quest “Shau's Grief: Gifts of Appeasement (Part 7)”.
    • Quest “Zuyazu: The Art of War” can now only be obtained after completing “Shau's Grief: Items of Strength (Part 4)”
    • Quest dialogues and rewards have been updated accordingly.
  • Bone Piles in the Bloody Tears won’t give any Battlefields Relics if quest “Battlefield Relics” isn’t active.
  • Elderincus at the Imperial Army Camp will now offer quest “Feladan-in-Exile is No More” to qualified players. Note: This quest is a connector to Feladan, but at this time there is nothing further offered in Feladan.
  • Improved directions in quests “Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion (Part 4)” and “Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion (Part 5)”.

Monsters and NPCs[edit]

  • Andokh The Blasted and Vorkath The Wicked only spawn south of the Tower of Healing now.
  • Treasure tables changes:
    • Cult Fanatics and Magadi Guards will drop Tier III treasures instead of Tier II.
    • Ritual Props won’t drop treasures anymore.


Genevia has undergone a special change that includes plots, communities, and resources. Each community on the island has been given the capacity to be more akin to a real town with structures, NPCs that offer services, plots have been merged or resized, and a central themed purpose.

Furthermore, each has buildable structures, some of which can be activated to provide services to the town, and each is more specific to the resources that are nearby. Some Tier 2 resources are now also available on the island. Dragons

Dragon quests in tier two have been updated to reflect a gradual change to make ability quests more spaced out and interesting within the tier. Additionally, Khemerius’ Drain Bolt quests have received a total revamp and the dragon himself now travels the world before settling in Kirasanct to offer better access to his questline.


  • Tier 2 Dragon Quests now require you to have completed the quest "Gerix's Quest: Visit the Grand Dragon Cities" from Gerix in Kion.
    • Have been adjusted so that their levels progress in a similar fashion as the quests offered in Tier 1 from Gerix
    • Have been adjusted so that the kill quantities are more reasonable (8 and 12 mostly instead of 20) and the monsters you are asked to kill more closely align with the level that the quest is offered at
  • Drain Bolt Quests
    • Quest “Drain Bolt I: Primal Secrets, Fiendish Pride” is now offered by BattleMaster Gerix in Kion at level 15
    • Quest “Drain Bolt 2: Bet Your Life On It” has been revamped and is now offered by Khemarius in Chiconis at level 25
    • Quest “Drain Bolt 3: Into The Dead Pool” has been revamped and is now offered by Khemarius in Chiconis at level 35
    • Quest “Drain Bolt IV: A Test of Spirit” has been reworked and is now offered by Khemarius at the Tower of Healing at level 45
    • Quest “Drain Bolt V: Field Research” has been reworked and is now offered by Khemarius at the Tower of Healing at level 55
    • Quest “Drain Bolt VI: Performance Enhancement” has been reworked and is now offered by Khemarius at the Tower of Sorcery at level 65
    • Quest “Drain Bolt VII: Jaded in Spirit” has been reworked and is now offered at level 75 by Khemarius in Kirasanct
    • Quest “Drain Bolt VIII: The Spirit Within” has been reworked and is now offered at level 85 by Khemarius in Kirasanct
    • Quest “Drain Bolt IX: The Azure Tyrant” has been reworked and is now offered at level 95 by Khemarius in Kirasanct
    • Dragons must now be Adult or Ancient to pick up quest “Drain Bolt X: A Spirited Battle” which has been reworked and is now offered by Khemarius at Drulkar’s Retreat
  • Corrected improper grammar in the quest “Vladtmordt's Scales: Replica Scale of the Prime”.
  • Player will now receive Training Breeze spell during quest “Skalkaar Tutorial: Kill Your First Beast!”.
  • In quest “Viriesia's Task: Beetle Mania”, player will receive Breeze I spell as a reward instead of Training Breeze.
  • Dragon flight animations now transition smoother into one another to look more natural.
  • Aratanosh will no longer greet dragons who are already crystalshapers as if they aren’t.
  • Changed the balance values of Tail Whip add-ons
  • Regal Scales now allow any dragon race to equip them
  • Regal Tail Scale now requires level 90
  • Removed references to emblems in the quests Lairshaping Mastery III and VI.
  • Jemenoth, Kerian, and Xarinnis will now allow you to switch back to Dragon Crafter School
  • Drulkar’s Wrath is now properly filtered as a Tier V spell in the Knowledge Book.
  • Tail Blade II effect now properly applies only on Tail Whip (hotfixed 26.05.21).
  • Tail Whip debuffs Decapitation and Wounds now do physical slash damage (instead of wound unstoppable)

Plots and Lairs[edit]

  • New plot and lair items:
    • Parasols: open, folded, with table, without table, in varying colors
    • Outhouse
    • Beach Ball, red and green
    • Hollow Tree Log Snowy, with and without spider webs
    • Flowers in varying colors
    • Planter Edgings, four wooden varieties, 5m and 10m with varying colors
    • Oasis, two versions
    • Dwarven Firepit
    • Hanging Basket Decoration, Pointing Left and Pointing Right
    • Snow Piles
    • Snowball Pile, small and large
    • Small Winter House, two versions
    • Gnomekindle Tent with Candy Canes
    • Ice Bench, two versions
    • Fiendish Bench
    • Satyr Bench
    • Lamp, Fiendish
    • Epic Displays, plot and lair versions: Gian’s Allies, Epic Pets
    • Snow Fort, two versions, also with Red Flags and Yellow Flags
    • Small, Medium and Large Dwarven Consignment Store. These structures hold respectively the equivalent of t2, t4 and t6 Dwarven Consigner
    • Small, Medium and Large Dwarven Pawn Shop. These structures hold respectively the equivalent of t2, t4 and t6 Dwarven Pawnbroker
    • Dwarven Guild Hall w/ Shrine
    • Medium House - Dwarf, Rural
    • Medium House - Dwarf, Urban
    • Sslik Guild Hall w/Shrine
    • Lair T2, T4, T6 Helian Chamber - Crystal Chambers - purely decoration chambers
    • Lair T2, T4, T6 Lunus Chamber - Crystal Chambers - purely decoration chambers
    • Lair T4, T6 Helian Chamber - Gardens - purely decoration chambers
    • Lair T4, T6 Lunus Chamber - Gardens - purely decoration chambers
  • Frozen Blood of Elial is no longer used in Epic Display: Elial’s Thorn plot items. (hotfixed 25.05.21)
  • Purple Flax Seed has been renamed to Flax Seed
  • Bromeliads now require Elm instead of Slate (same quantities as before)
  • Most plant-related decorations now require water to build.
  • Small Power Crystal, Medium Power Crystal, Large Power Crystal (required to build Crystal Chambers) have been added to Relstaroth
  • Medium Box of Seeds, Large Box of Seeds (required to build Garden Chambers) have been added to Florists and Ssaulios
  • All Structure Pawnbroker NPCs that are activated by players now belong to Pawnbroker school instead of Confectioner
  • All Structure Consigner NPCs that are activated by players now belong to Consigner school instead of Warrior
  • All Structure Oddities Broker NPCs that are activated by players now belong to Oddities Broker school instead of Pawnbroker
  • Regular Oddities Broker NPCs in the world now belong to Oddities Broker school instead of Pawnbroker
  • Oasis 1, Oasis 2, Planter Edgings are now collidable and easier to select.
  • Fixed the footprints of the Tazoon and Gnome medium houses.

Militia Surplus[edit]

Militia Surplus vendors have been added or updated to sell Tier specific un-techniqued equipment including weapons, armor, and dragon scales. This is to address the drought of equipment availability to low-tier characters, without uprooting high-tier crafters’ place in the later game.

  • Amonsu in Kion now sells all Tier 1 un-techniqued equipment.
  • Jurixx in Sslanis now sells level 10-20 Tier 1 equipment and level 21-30 Tier 2 equipment.
  • Mat Authos has been added to Dalimond and sells Tier 2 equipment
  • Tarah Smyth has been added to Heart and sells level 21-30 Tier 2 equipment
  • Burdle Bingledop has been added to the Observatory Outpost and sells level 31-40 Tier 2 equipment and level 41-50 Tier 3 equipment
  • Rhobb Tomas has been added to Tishlar and sell level 31-40 Tier 2 equipment and level 41-50 Tier 3 equipment
  • Amenir Telakh has been added to the Tower of Healing and sells Tier 3 equipment
  • Gandle Teleborite has been added to New Rachival and sells Tier 3 equipment
  • Aulus Galeria has been added to the Imperial Army Camp and sells level 51-60 Tier 3 equipment and level 61-70 Tier 4 equipment
  • Vandul Abbor has been added to Mahagra and sells Tier 3 equipment

Server (Fixes)[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where floating quest icons would remain above NPCs who no longer have any quests to give.
  • Fixed an issue where left hand item requirements weren’t correct the first time they were being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where on rare occasions item rewards were not being correctly generated for quests.
  • Fixed an issue where when gaining a new level in a school or switching schools, the lower tier abilities were still displaying.
  • Fixed an issue where the information on a new ability (school / level) won’t show up until relogging.
  • Fixed issue where recasting a buff could remove the buff completely.
  • Improve feedback from the XP message when there would be items to deconstruct.
  • Fix issue hoarding items from public / plot storage.
  • When a quest step needs to delete items, if there are only items with contents (like a shield with crystals), display a warning that items with contents will not be considered for deletion. Only consider items without crystals / contents.
  • Improve AttackMod conflicts message so when there are conflicting AttackMods, the feedback makes it more clear what items are affected.
  • Fix issue with transmutations persisting after death (for example after getting turned into a Wisp by Reklar and then dying, you become stuck as a wisp until you relog).

Client (Features)[edit]

  • Added a new window which holds the pets you have (like a pet wallet), they no longer will clutter your inventory!
  • Added a message when currency is added to the wallet to make it clear it’s not in the inventory.
  • It’s no longer possible to deconstruct broken items.
  • Improved Cedar Leaves texture.
  • Plot plans will now automatically be saved when works in progress and can be loaded later before being finalized if necessary.
  • A new option has been added to show changes to character stats (for example changes caused by equipping / unequipping items) above the character’s head. This has to be enabled from the options menu!
  • If a quest item needs to be used, that quest item will appear in the quest window where it can be easily clicked instead of having to locate it in the inventory. Note that this is a shortcut and you do still need the quest item in your inventory to be able to use it.
  • Added a new video option to prevent the mouse cursor from leaving the game window (which can be used to prevent it from escaping to a second monitor or leaving the boundaries of the windowed mode window). The mouse will be released if the game is no longer the active window or minimised.
  • If a heal is being capped at a certain maximum value then that value will now be displayed in the item information window.
  • Added buttons to easily set the split amount when splitting a stack.
  • Added a separate chat channel for NPC idle chatter (such as Town Crier messages) and added an option to completely disable this kind of message to the options menu.
  • Further updates to the filters for the new structure selection window for plots.
  • Added an option to the map and minimap to only perform searches on the currently selected layers.
  • Updated the icon that appears when doing a map search to make it much more visible.

Client (Fixes)[edit]

  • Recall sounds and teleport sounds have been fixed and can now be heard.
  • Emblem slot no longer displays on Equipment Window (it was unused and didn’t do anything).
  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs would be stuck walking on the spot.
  • Fixed the Community Survey window causing mysterious icon objects to appear under effects.
  • Fixed an issue where decorative objects inside buildings would disappear at certain camera angles.
  • Fixed a bug where smoke from fire effects (such as those with the monsters in Ruined Tazoon) would cut off too early.
  • Fixed issues with the UI scaling setting where the UI Scale options box would be blank if it was never changed, also fixed the UI becoming corrupted if you change UI Scale for the first time and then let it timeout instead of confirming the new setting.
  • Fixed issue where the buff / debuff icons when selecting something may not be the correct colors.
  • Fixed issue where hotkeys would forget how to use an item if that item completely ran out in the inventory and then was replaced with fresh ones later.
  • Fixed the quest log window not having correct filters for School and Bounty quests.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would begin walking in the air if they happened to be walking when going offscreen.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ruined Tazoon decorative tower that would trap dragons inside its dome.
  • Fixed issue with Teleport and Recall sounds not working.
  • Fixed an issue where the text in the quest tracker window wouldn’t wrap properly and would get cut off at certain window sizes.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the character creation window where it erroneously said the “Right of Passage” (should be “Rite”).
  • Prevented the “add to hoard” popup when an item is in storage (it’s not possible to hoard something that isn’t on your character).
  • Clarified the message that appears when changing the UI scale option.
  • Fixed an issue where the resize icon can get stuck when resizing the Community Surveyor window.
  • Fixed the teleport destination window incorrectly appearing when flying / moving over the tops of portals.
  • Fixed tutorials that are meant to appear around specific locations / info centers (like the info structures in Skalkaar and Spirit Isle) not working.
  • Fixed quest markers appearing above non-existent NPCs.
  • Fixed broken textures on certain styles of the Regular / Fine Quarterstaff weapons.
  • Updated some incorrect information about the number of scribed knowledge when the window hasn’t loaded properly yet
  • .Fixed map issue where searches do not work properly in certain circumstances with mods installed.
  • Fixed map issue where the map search icon would not appear on the map under certain conditions after a search.
  • Fixed map issue where icons that exist in the world but are not on the selected map would all appear at the top left corner of the current map.
  • Fixed map not updating the green group dot markers properly whenever the group changes (joining groups, leaving groups etc).
  • Fixed issue where under some rare conditions active quests would disappear from the quest log (but are still active).
  • Fixed issue where transforming / polymorphing (such as becoming a Khutit) could cause the character to incorrectly teleport to their last teleportation point.
  • Fixed issue where teleporting mid-transformation would cause the teleportation to fail and for you to return to where you came from.
  • Fixed issue where running and transforming at the same time would cause you to visually warp on other player’s game clients.
  • Fixed several issues in first person with transformations: Fixed the camera not tracking the transformation animation properly and the character model becoming incorrectly becoming visible despite being in first person.
  • Fixed some memory leaks involving the game camera.
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