How to extract long texts from the game

From Istaria Lexica

It is surely a hard piece of work to type down quest texts of the questgivers in Istaria. But there is a small trick so you can handle it with just a few keystrokes.

Every dialogue text, no matter if from an NPC, a player, a chat or off /say is being logged into the client log file. So if you clicked through the quest dialogue, open your log file; enter the according line into your explorer's address bar (works with any windows language):

  • On 32-bit Systems: %PROGRAMFILES%\Istaria\logs
  • On 64-bit Systems: %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Istaria\logs

Note: These are the default installation folders. If you chose to install Istaria in an alternative location, use that directory accordingly.

There you'll find a client_chat_logxxxxxx.txt file. You are able to open it with any simple text editor. It is appended in realtime, so if you got much chats open you may need to search a bit for your NPC dialogue. Once found, copy the whole text and paste it into the wiki editor. Only two last things left you got to do now:

  • Remove the leading timestamp on each text ([05/24/15 23:12:36])
  • Remove your player names in the text, please replace it with <player>

There you go, no more typing for 20 minutes on a quest text, and no more funny typos inbetween!