Imperial Army: The Assault

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Imperial Army: The Assault
Type: Adventure
Lieutenant Elderincus 
Located at:
Imperial Army Camp 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Imperial Army: The Prisoner 
Next Quest: Ruin of Tazoon: The RuinsRuin of Tazoon: The Strongholds(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Relics of the Welger(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Heirlooms of Tazoon 
Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Standard of the Imperial Army

Lieutenant Elderincus managed to get intelligence from the captured Welger. He has prepared a battle plan to have access to the Ruin of Tazoon through the south gate. Now is time to break through their defenses!

Quest text[edit]

He laughs.

Come closer, <player>, and let's review my plan. It's simple really, attack!

No, I am serious. It is simple, isn't it?

Too simple!

I jest, <player>, but only in part. We'll do our part here to prepare the troops to attack, but it will take time to organize everything. We've spent too much time on the defensive to quickly change to an offensive stance.

What is my part in this

That is the crux of the matter! An assault is coming, of that there is no doubt, but my hope is that we can stall it for long enough to prepare the troops. To do that, we must find and defeat this Gortak that the prisoner spoke of.

Who is he?

A general or priest, I would assume. Does it matter? He is your goal, <player>. Make your way to the gates of the Ruin, place our standard there, and call forth this Gortak creature. Defeat him and it should strike sufficient chaos into their ranks to give me time to prepare the troops.

You have received 1 Standard of the Imperial Army.

This seems to be a good place to plant the standard.

A wild and taunted Var'Gortak appears. He looks furious.

The Welger leader now lays dead. Elderincus' plan was maybe simple but efficient.

Hail, <player>! I saw your fight from just inside the gate and it was fantastic! I trust you were the vanguard of the army, coming to force the Welger out of the Ruin?

No, I am alone for now! I am delaying the Welger while the army forms up.

That was a dangerous task, but very courageous of you to attempt. Well done, <player>!

The situation isn't good here and your help would be welcomed...

You have received 1 Title: Champion of the Imperial Army.

You have received 1 Imperial Army Banner Pattern.


  • Listen to Elderincus' plan
  • Make your way to the South Gate of the Ruins of Tazoon and plant the Imperial Army Standard before the gate!
    • Triggers at 23681/24867 (map)
  • Plant the Imperial Army Standard!
  • Defeat Var'Gortak, the Leader of the 2nd Troop
  • A soldier is coming to you...
  • Follow Sergeant Gortan Silvershield
  • Speak to Sergeant Gortan Silvershield at his camp within the South Gate of the Ruin

Target mobs[edit]