Imperial Outpost

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Imperial Outpost
Destination pad: 27482 / 24264
Travel gate: No portal
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: No plots
Available lairs: No lairs
Must be attuned by: Frig Tallowgar
Coordinates: 27482 / 24264
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The Imperial Outpost is fort built by the Empire east of Old Oaks at the Aradoth Frontier. You can only receive attunement to the destination pad if you are level 100 in either Craft or Adventure.

NPCs and Creatures[edit]

NPC NameSchoolRatingXY
Antaniel of the StormStorm Disciple10227,46324,246
Frig TallowgarQuartermaster10027,44424,282
Imperial Mender DunaleaHealer10027,45224,252
Jacinda the Eagle-EyedRanger10227,45024,285
Lord-Commander JatellCommander10527,46024,256
Private SmithersMonk9527,45624,266
Scout BurrisScout10227,45224,282
Sergeant TemeracDragon Adventurer10027,43824,240
Spirit (NPC)27,59124,342
Spirit the Gemworking Master27,59624,341

All creaturesSchoolRating
Avatar of PainAbomination of Pain130
Enraged AegrorAegror101
Greater Anchor150
Gruk the FrigidFrigid Shambler130
Lesser Anchor130

No named creatures seen here.


Earn Title: 2nd Daknor the BerserkLord-Commander Jatell0
Earn Title: 2nd Son of GigarothLord-Commander Jatell0
Earn Title: 2nd Avatar of PainLord-Commander Jatell0
Imperial Army: Disturbances IIScout Burris85
Imperial Army: Disturbances IIIScout Burris85
Imperial Army: Disturbances IVScout Burris85
Imperial Army: Disturbances IScout Burris85
Imperial Outpost: Adamantium SheetingFrig Tallowgar90
Imperial Outpost: Travertine BlockFrig Tallowgar90
Imperial Outpost: Thornwood TimbersFrig Tallowgar90
Imperial Outpost: Radiant Essence SphereFrig Tallowgar90
Imperial Outpost: Steelsilk BoltsFrig Tallowgar90
Go Bag 5 Stygian Scorpion ClawsScout Burris100
Go Bag 100 Golem Hearts of TravertineScout Burris100
Earn Title: 1st Daknor the BerserkLord-Commander Jatell100
Go Bag 5 Cave Crawler ThoraxesScout Burris100
Go Bag 5 Scions of ThornwoodScout Burris100
Go Bag 100 Carrion Crawler EyesScout Burris100
Earn Title: The CalmLord-Commander Jatell100
Go Bag 5 Adamantium Golem MettleScout Burris100
Go Bag 100 Murk Crab GlandsScout Burris100
Ranger: Envenomed Arrow IIIRangerJacinda the Eagle-Eyed100
Go Bag 100 Brachina Beetle MembranesScout Burris100
Go Bag 5 Colossal Scorpion ClawsScout Burris100
Go Bag 5 Frosthound ClawsScout Burris100
Go Bag 100 Cave Crawler ThoraxesScout Burris100
Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: For the EmpireLord-Commander Jatell100
Go Bag 5 Blight Crab ClawsScout Burris100
Go Bag 100 Scions of ThornwoodScout Burris100
Imperial Army: Protect Harro From A New MenaceLord-Commander Jatell100
Earn Title: 1st Son of GigarothLord-Commander Jatell100
Go Bag 5 Greater Fire Elemental MateriaScout Burris100
Go Bag 5 Murk Crab GlandsScout Burris100
Go Bag 100 Colossal Scorpion ClawsScout Burris100
Storm Disciple: The Way of the StormStorm DiscipleAntaniel of the Storm100
Earn Title: 1st Avatar of PainLord-Commander Jatell100
Go Bag 5 Brachina Beetle MembranesScout Burris100
Go Bag 100 Stygian Scorpion ClawsScout Burris100
Imperial Army: Locate Additional Battle OrdersScout Burris100
Go Bag 100 Adamantium Golem MettleScout Burris100
Attunement to Imperial OutpostFrig Tallowgar100
Go Bag 100 Greater Fire Elemental MateriaScout Burris100
Go Bag 5 Golem Hearts of TravertineScout Burris100
Go Bag 100 Frosthound ClawsScout Burris100
Go Bag 5 Carrion Crawler EyesScout Burris100
Medallion of the StormsStorm DiscipleAntaniel of the Storm100
Imperial Army: Stop the Kwellen RaidsScout Burris100
Go Bag 100 Blight Crab ClawsScout Burris100
Imperial Army: Investigate the Source of the RaidsLord-Commander Jatell100