Izzon Crest

From Istaria Lexica

Location info:
Destination pad: 24205 / 19646
Travel gate: No portal
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: 9
Available lairs: 2
Must be attuned by: Private Bryne Johanns
24205 / 19646
Izzon Crest.jpg

Izzon Crest is a settlement on the southeast shore of the Dalimond Peninsula. It has a Destination Pad. The Pond of Izzon is near to the west.

NPCs located here or nearby

NPC NameSchoolJobXY
Private Bryne JohannsWarrior24,17319,639

Available resources

Quests found at Izzon Crest

Quest name Started at Min levels
Adv. / Craft
Adv. / Craft

Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Izzon Crest Private Bryne Johanns

none / none