Lord Urden

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Lord Urden
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School: Aegis Zombie Berserker
Tier: Tier 1
Creature Type: Zombie
Attack Types: Slash

Attacks on sight:

Creature does aggro when passing by.

Is social:

Creature does not aggro companions to fight you.




20309 / 23270
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Lord Urden is a named Zombie roaming the Temple of Merrasat and the Sslanis Jungle at Lesser Aradoth. It can be reached only across a bridge from the west.


Known Cohorts[edit]

Rotted Guards and Rotted Priests are near.

Combat Tactics[edit]

Kill the adds, pull Urden near the bridge, and kill him off.


No quests found for Lord Urden.


Lord Urden's loot:
Ancient Banner of Palmyra
Antiquated Dagger
Antiquated Spear
Brass Bell
Brass Coffer
Brass Crown
Brass Scepter
Brass Urn
Bronze Metal Nugget
Cedar Wood Strip
Cracked Bronze Battle Axe Blade
Cracked Bronze Bracelet Gem Setting
Cracked Bronze Bracelet
Cracked Bronze Broad Sword Blade
Cracked Bronze Dagger Blade
Cracked Bronze Earring Gem Setting
Cracked Bronze Earring Post
Cracked Bronze Large Axe Blade
Cracked Bronze Long Spear Blade
Cracked Bronze Long Sword Blade
Cracked Bronze Mace Crown
Cracked Bronze Maul Head
Cracked Bronze Necklace Chain
Cracked Bronze Necklace Pendant
Cracked Bronze Ring Setting
Cracked Bronze Ring
Cracked Bronze Short Sword Blade
Cracked Bronze Sword Pommel
Cracked Bronze Two-Handed Sword Blade
Cracked Bronze Warhammer Head
Cracked Cedar Bow Limb
Cracked Cedar Crossbow Stock
Cracked Cedar Crossbow Trigger
Cracked Cedar Staff Limb
Cracked Cedar Weapon Handle
Cracked Cedar Wood Shaft
Cracked Dragon Chest Scale: Bronze
Cracked Dragon Wing Scale: Bronze
Cracked Rough Leather Wrappings
Dented Bell
Ectoplasmic Residue
Exquisite Earring
Ornamental Spear
Priceless Earring
Rough Leather Band
Scale Hardener: Bronze
Zombie Brain
Zombie Limb
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