Morning Light

From Istaria Lexica

Location info:
Destination pad: 27938 / 28356
Travel gate: 27924 / 28450
Shrine: 27912 / 28390
Available plots: 10
Available lairs: 2
Must be attuned by: Master Morning Light
27938 / 28356
Morning Light.jpg

Morning Light is a settlement in the area of the Misted Forest, in the northeast of Aradoth.

NPCs located here or nearby

NPC NameSchoolJobXY
Master Morning LightMage27,94428,361

Named creatures

Creature nameSchoolLevel

All creatures

Creature nameSchoolLevel
Greater Anchor150
Lesser Anchor130
Sand CrabSand Crab94
Soldier FlyFly91

Available portals to

Available resources

Quests found at Morning Light

Quest name Started at Min levels
Adv. / Craft
Adv. / Craft

Attunement: Meadowhill Master Morning Light

1 / none

Attunement: Morning Light Master Morning Light

none / none