Plans Within Plans

From Istaria Lexica

Quest type: Errand
From NPC(s): Private Andi Vallinth
Required adventure school: Any (level: 40)
Locations: Desert Shore Outpost
Previous quest(s): Vandus Militia: The Reach of the Cult (2 of 2)
Next quest(s): Pacifying the Angry (Part 1)
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Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Suspicious Letter

You assisted the Militia at Desert Shores and have thinned the ranks of the Missionaries of Scorpus that were attempted to cross the bay. In the process you recovered a letter that Private Vallinth thinks may cause quite a stir.

Quest text[edit]

Andi tells you, <player>, we must speak about this letter. *she holds it out to you* The contents of this letter are damning, but even worse... the person who wrote this letter. *she takes a deep breath*

Andi tells you, Normally I would send you south to the Militia, but this is no longer a matter for the Militia. This concerns the Clerical Order. To the north, <player>, in the middle of the Shifting Sands lies the Tower of Healing. Go there, take this letter, and speak with the High Confessor. He will know how to handle this.

You have received 1 Suspicious Letter.

Orlinn tells you, Welcome to the Tower of Healing, friend. Are you in need of healing or solace? Many are in these desperate times. This Tower offers both to anyone who asks.

Orlinn tells you, You bear a letter and message from the Vandus Militia? *he takes and reads the letter slowly* *a frown crosses his face* This is disturbing, <player>. Are you sure of this letter's legitimacy? If this is true... We have been betrayed. *he folds the letter carefully and places it into his pocket* I thank you for this. For now, this shall remain between us until I have had time to determine how best to act on this information.



  • Adventure Experience: 5675
  • Money: 4s 760c