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Allows dragons to use primal magic which has a variety or arcane and mystic effects.
Attribute gain:


"Primal magic" is called that because it existed first. It is the raw magic from which Istara formed the world. Drulkar manifested in the Prime in order to bring his people through from the Realm of Fire, and the form he chose, the dragon, established the form his people would take. Dragons, as a race, were formed by and of Primal magic as part of assuming physical form.

The other races appeared well after Istaria was created, and thus were subject to Istara's design decisions. Non-dragons cannot use Primal because it is outside the laws that give them life.

However... (And here I can't resist pulling the curtain back a little)

Dragons have, in the past, learned to use biped magics. Most of the time, these dragons have died under the claws and flames of an angry mob...

School overview[edit]

Adventure schools Crafting schools
SchoolPrimalLevel 100
Dragon Adventurer9900

No crafting school seems to give this statistic.


Spell nameTier
Arcane Refusal I1
Barrage I1
Blast I1
Breeze I1
Countercheck Primal I1
Drain Bolt I1
Gift of Velocity I1
Gust I1
Ignore Mysticism I1
Improved Prime Bolt I1
Novice Breeze I1
Novice Gust I1
Primal Alacrity I1
Primal Attack I1
Primal Burst I1
Primal Chains I1
Primal Health I1
Primal Lightning Blast I1
Primal Spark I1
Primal Strike I1
Prime Bolt I1
Promote Intellect I1
Promote Vitality I1
Quickening Breeze I1
Rejuvenating Breeze I1
Tempest I1
Training Breeze I1
True Grit I1
Unrelenting Winds I1
Arcane Refusal II2
Barrage II2
Blast II2
Breeze II2
Countercheck Primal II2
Drain Bolt II2
Drain Bolt III2
Gift of Velocity II2
Gust II2
Ignore Mysticism II2
Improved Prime Bolt II2
Primal Alacrity II2
Primal Attack II2
Primal Chains II2
Primal Health II2
Primal Lightning Blast II2
Primal Spark II2
Primal Strike II2
Prime Bolt II2
Promote Intellect II2
Promote Vitality II2
Quickening Breeze II2
Rejuvenating Breeze II2
Tempest II2
True Grit II2
Unrelenting Winds II2
Arcane Refusal III3
Barrage III3
Blast III3
Breeze III3
Countercheck Primal III3
Drain Bolt IV3
Drain Bolt V3
Drain Bolt VII3
Gift of Velocity III3
Gust III3
Ignore Mysticism III3
Improved Prime Bolt III3
Primal Alacrity III3
Primal Attack III3
Primal Burst II3
Primal Chains III3
Primal Health III3
Primal Lightning Blast III3
Primal Spark III3
Primal Strike III3
Prime Bolt III3
Promote Intellect III3
Promote Vitality III3
Quickening Breeze III3
Rejuvenating Breeze III3
Tempest III3
True Grit III3
Unrelenting Winds III3
Arcane Refusal IV4
Barrage IV4
Blast IV4
Breeze IV4
Countercheck Primal IV4
Drain Bolt VI4
Gift of Velocity IV4
Gust IV4
Ignore Mysticism IV4
Improved Prime Bolt IV4
Primal Alacrity IV4
Primal Attack IV4
Primal Chains IV4
Primal Health IV4
Primal Lightning Blast IV4
Primal Spark IV4
Primal Strike IV4
Prime Bolt IV4
Promote Intellect IV4
Promote Vitality IV4
Quickening Breeze IV4
Rejuvenating Breeze IV4
Tempest IV4
True Grit IV4
Unrelenting Winds IV4
Arcane Refusal V5
Barrage V5
Blast V5
Breeze V5
Countercheck Primal V5
Drain Bolt IX5
Drain Bolt VIII5
Drulkar's Wrath5
Gift of Velocity V5
Gust V5
Ignore Mysticism V5
Improved Prime Bolt V5
Primal Alacrity V5
Primal Attack V5
Primal Burst III5
Primal Chains V5
Primal Health V5
Primal Lightning Blast V5
Primal Spark V5
Primal Strike V5
Prime Bolt V5
Promote Intellect V5
Promote Vitality V5
Quickening Breeze V5
Rejuvenating Breeze V5
Tempest V5
True Grit V5
Unrelenting Winds V5
Drain Bolt X6

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