Primalist's Claw

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Primalist's Claw
"Deep within the treasury of the greedy myloc Queen Shaloth resides treasures that have not seen the light in decades. Trapped like her followers in the cold black dust, jewels and powerful artifacts reside, forgotten in the dark, yearning to taste the sunlight again. Even ordinary ornate weapons have had powerful magic seep into their metals, lending power uniminaginable to most."

-- 'Treasures of the Queen' - Prologue --

Weapon type: Claw
Level required: 90
Skill: Tooth and Claw
Skill required: 900
Damage type: Slash
Damage: 75 - 101
Delay: 31
Range: Melee
Creating Primalist's Claw:
Required tool: Dragon Scalecraft (Ability)
Required skill: Dragon Scalecraft
Machine: Scale Forge
Bulk: 64
Hoard value:
Sell value:
Tier: Tier 6

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Created using the formula Epic Claw: Primalist's Claw.

Primalist's Claw is an Epic Weapon, created by the essence dropped by Shaloth the Queen. It is equipped in the claw slot. The character must have the appropriate Tooth and Claw to wield the weapon. Created using the formula Epic Claw: Primalist's Claw.

Once equipped, this weapon is attuned and can not be traded.

Usable by[edit]

Primalist's Claw can be only used by Dragon Adventurers.


  • +120 Primal
  • +100 Power
  • +25 DPS (Ranged spells only)
10% Chance: Primalist's Power
  • Modifies delay by -5%
  • Modifies recycle by -5%
  • Duration: 0:30
5% Chance: Primalist's Shell
  • Heals: 5%
  • Incoming ranged spells only: Does 0% of normal damage
  • Removed after 2 uses
  • Duration: 5:00

Creation Requirements[edit]

The formula is obtained from Vargas the Bold.

Resource Need Min Skill Opt Skill Skill

Scale Sharpener
Myloc Essence
Scale Anchor
Taravist Powder




Dragon Scalecraft