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Product Calculator lets you count together all needed resources for a chosen product, depending on your actual skills. It automagically searches the wiki for the necessary information and prints it out very detailed. You can enter a search phrase below or click the link to Product Calculator on each of the product articles.


  • The search bar auto-completion below is limited to valid PRODUCTS, only. All other items are excluded which makes searching easier.
    • If you don't know the exact product name, try searching the whole wiki, using the normal search field (the one on the header of this page).
  • NOTE: Product Calculator does not know if the product you want to create generates more than one item per batch. You'll need to check this manually.
  • Product Calculator tells you if there's missing data or other problems. If you encounter any, feel free to fix or tell someone who would be able to.
  • Your skill points are saved (enable browser cookies!). You can view and edit all of them at My Skills.
  • Found a bug or have improvement ideas? Contact Me:

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