Rating and Trophy Calculator

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The Rating and Trophy Calculator lets you have an overview of your character's levels and ratings and how many trophies you need to get to maximum adventure rating, in theory. Keep in mind that you'll likely do other quests while hunting for trophies. Since Trophy Hunter quests require you to kill creatures, you'll gain experience from them, too. Finally you'll end up needing less trophies than the calculator predicts.

Hints for usage:

  • Always select your active school. The calculator may show totally different needed trophies if you don't.
  • Update your levels once reached, to update needed trophies and ratings.
  • The calculator always predicts trophies on your highest level schools first for maximum experience gain.
  • The tool remembers your settings if you revisit at a later time.
  • In the Trophy tables, click on the blue level links to view which trophy hunter quests are available for that level.
  • NOTE: For the first ten hand-ins of a trophy, you'll gain twice as much experience. Rating and Trophy Calculator does not recognize this and calculates only with the normal xp amount.
  • Questions or comments? Leave a message on the talk page.
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