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Location: Sslanis
Job: Fletcher Trainer
Rating: 27
School: Fletcher
Health: 20
19840 / 21634
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Ssarle tells you, If you've come looking for the way to focus your skills into becoming a master Fletcher, then look no further. Should you become a Fletcher, your knowledge and mastery of the wooden weaponry and tools would be second to none. By doing this, however, you would forgo pursuit of metal and stone crafting so long as you are a member of this school. When you join the Fletcher school, your study continues where it left off in regards to your previous skill; you will find yourself as a level 10 Fletcher if this is your first time joining. Furthermore, only those who already have a skill rank of 80 in Fletching are eligible for membership, so spend some time as a Blacksmith if you haven't already. Would you like to join the Fletcher crafting school?

Ssarle is a Fletcher trainer. He sells Beginner formulas.

Sold items

Beginner Club0010
Beginner Composite Longbow0020
Beginner Composite Shortbow0020
Beginner Crossbow0010
Beginner Cudgel0020
Beginner Fine Club0030
Beginner Fine Composite Longbow0040
Beginner Fine Composite Shortbow0040
Beginner Fine Crossbow0030
Beginner Fine Cudgel0040
Beginner Fine Heavy Crossbow0040
Beginner Fine Longbow0030
Beginner Fine Quarterstaff0040
Beginner Fine Shillelagh0030
Beginner Fine Shortbow0030
Beginner Fine Staff0030
Beginner Heavy Crossbow0020
Beginner Longbow0010
Beginner Quarterstaff0020
Beginner Shortbow0010
Beginner Staff0010
Beginner Wood Board0010
Beginner Wooden Weapon Repair0030

Quests available[edit]

No quests for this NPC.

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