Sslanis Militia: Quakes and Disturbances (Part 1)

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Quest type: Errand
From NPC(s): Scale-Guard Kerrak
Required adventure school: Any (level: 14)
Locations: Sslanis
Previous quest(s): Sslanis Militia: Danger in the Jungle
Next quest(s): Sslanis Militia: Quakes and Disturbances (Part 2)
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Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:

A powerful earthquake has shaken the Island of Lesser Aradoth and caused great concern amongst the residents of the town of Sslanis. Revelations of another kind have also shaken the community and the local militia wishes you to investigate further.

Quest text[edit]

Listen to Kerrak's story...

This one thanks <player> for its attention to this matter. A powerful quake has shaken this island and many of the residents of Sslanis are frightened. Many of the Sslik glanced more than once at the mountain above, but saw no smoke or fire. The shaking continued for many days and the Sslik, including this one, wondered what was happening and began to worry. Was Kaasha angry with the Sslik or was Merrasat angry with the Saris?

This one was encouraged to send scouts north to speak with our friends, the Saris, but they soon returned saying that the Saris also felt the shaking. The Saris say that the shaking was not felt as intensely as here in Sslanis. <player>, the great mountain above Kion was silent and Merrasat was not angry with the people of Lesser Aradoth.

Still, the Sslik wondered what could be causing the shaking if not the mountains? Then a scout returned from Parsinia, the Saris community on the western shore of Lesser Aradoth. The shaking there was great and the scout reported smoke coming from the island known as the Isle of the Drowned.

At last the shaking ceased and this one sent a patrol to investigate the island. The great tower had fallen, shattered by the shaking, and the landscape of the island itself had been changed. Even more surprising, the patrol found a great hole in the center of the island!

<player>, the patrol peered into the darkness of the hole and saw movement! Soon the soldiers were overwhelmed by a horde of the hideous fyakki. Only one survivor returned alive to Sslanis to report the ambush and bloodshed. This one was infuriated and sent more militia, intent on destroying the fyakki, but also to determine where the beasts had come from.

It has been several weeks now, <player>, and the militia has not been able to determine where the fyakki came from, only that they came out of the dark hole. A barricade has been constructed near the island to contain the creatures, but the Sslik have managed to do little else. Worse, more and more of the fyakki come out of the hole each day, straining the resources of the Sslik.

This one wishes you to travel along the western coast and speak with the one called Vrex. Vrex is a scholar who knows much about the legends of the Sslik and the Saris. That one can be found near the barricade with the Sslik militia. Speak to Vrex, <player>, and do what one can to stop the deadly invasion.

Game Feedback: Find Vrex in the Sslik Barricade..

Speak to Vrex the Learned who can be found along the western shores of Lesser Aradoth near the Sslik Militia barricade.

Kaasha's Blessing be upon <player>. Kerrak sent one to speak with Vrex, yes? Excellent, did Kerrak tell one about the quake and great hole on the Isle of the Drowned?

A terrible business, <player>. The militia was hard-pressed to stop the fyakki that swarmed across the rocks from the island, but after days of fighting and a trick by this one that caused many to slip off the rocks into the water they were stopped. Few of the fyakki cross the rocks now, but their numbers on the island grow by the hour. Kaasha's Strength be with the Sslik and the Gifted to stop these creatures.



  • Adventure Experience: 3705
  • Money: 500c