Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 1)

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Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 1)
Type: Errand
Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer 
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Quest text[edit]

Ryson Stormbringer, the Hero who sacrificed himself at the Battle of Tazoon, seems to be bound to you somehow. For better or worse, you two are intertwined and perhaps even linked to the Fate of Istaria itself.

Ryson tells you, Surprised to see me, Gifted? Do not be, I have suspected for a short while that you and I may be linked. I felt something tugging me, compelling me to follow, the further away you became. It would appear, <player>, that our souls are bound together. How, I know not.

Ryson tells you, Is there a greater purpose? A guiding hand? Or is it just a quirk of fate? I cannot say, but we shall make the best of it. To that end, I followed you here to describe a disturbance I have felt in the etheric energies of the Prime itself. I know not its cause, but something tells me that it does not bode well for you, or I, or perhaps even the Living Races.

Ryson tells you, I'm afraid I cannot pinpoint its precise location, though I can tell it is emanating from somewhere here on Lesser Aradoth. The lack of precision may be due to my incorporeal state. You, however, may be able to assist. Yes? Fate, one might say, that you and I were bound together.

Ryson tells you, Gifted, seek out the source of this disturbance. I would begin with the houses of the dead, graveyards and tombs, as these places are closer to the spirit realm than others.

Ryson tells you, You felt nothing? Perhaps the burial yard is too new, it was not here when I last visited Kion. I cannot recall where the older burials of the Saris are.


  • Speak with Ryson Stormbringer
  • Investigate the Kion Graveyard which is north of the Kion Market near the beach (20329/24622)
  • Return to the Spirit of Ryson at the Kion Shrine


  • Adventure Experience: 1500
  • Money: 5s