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School: Living Flame
Tier: Tier 6
Creature Type: Elemental
Attack Types: Flame

Attacks on sight:

Creature does aggro when passing by.

Is social:

Creature does aggro companions to fight you.




Blight, Energy, Pierce, Primal


Ice, Mind

Provides Resources: Empyrean Essence
745 / 31265

Surtheim is an Epic Golem that can be found in the Fiery Maw. A weakened version is found on the Island of Fire called Diminished Surtheim. Surtheim is followed by two to four adds called Surtheim Fragment that follow it around its arena.

The Empyrean Essence is gathered by using an Essence Siphon or Essence Harvesting (ability).



Known Cohorts[edit]

Combat tactics[edit]

Surtheim casts a damage shield, Molten Armor, which does about 500 flame damage, each time you hit him. This will kill you pretty fast, especially when using quad-hitting stuff like Demon's Flurry, Closer: Pummel or Gold Rage. To dispell the damage shield you need to loot Hot Prisms off the Surtheim Fragments. Usually you would want to kill only one fragment after another, so the group should avoid doing area effect damage on the whole fight. Once looted, the Hot Prism disappears after 10 seconds from your inventory, so be sure to use it as fast as possible. The dispell may fail so be prepared to repeat.

Users of Hot Prisms will be stunned for 30 seconds after use. The stun can be dispelled by using Cold Prisms from one of the group mates.

Surtheim usually doesn't do too much damage beside his damage shield. Most damage comes from Combust and the auras, which can be outhealed by Healers easily.


Surtheim's special loot

Surtheim's loot: