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Tailors are a focused craft school associated with the Outfitter, dedicating their knowledge to the crafting of fabric and hide garments and armors. A skilled Tailor is able to fashion beautiful clothing for the discerning wearer as well as protective armors that rival the resiliency of metal armors. Their skill sets are narrowed from that of an Outfitter, focused on only those skills that matter in their pursuit of their craft.

Skills and stats[edit]

Skill Points Lvl 100
is primary
Armor Use 7 700
Clothworking 9 900 yes
Foraging 7 700
Ingenuity 10 1000 yes
Leatherworking 9 900 yes
Salvaging 8 800
Spinning 8 800 yes
Tailoring 9 900 yes
Tanning 8 800 yes
Stat Points Lvl 100
Health 5 500
Strength 2 200
Dexterity 9 900
Power 7 700
Focus 2 200

Trainers and requirements[edit]

NameFormulas soldLocated atxy
Anni NimblethreadJourneymanNew Rachival23,13825,617
Ella VerinBeginnerDalimond22,76622,758
Huma ClothspinnerExpert
Sibbe JaddvorJourneymanMahagra23,78430,514
Requirements to join
Tailoring 80

Abilities gained by level


  • Name = the name of the ability
  • L = the level the ability is earned at in this school
  • M = is masterable?
Name L M
Foraging I 1 X
Ingenuity I 1 X
Sprint 1 X
Foraging II 20 X
Ingenuity II 20 X
Gift Slots: Two 25
Foraging III 40 X
Ingenuity III 40 X
Gift Slots: Three 50
Name L M
Foraging IV 60 X
Ingenuity IV 60 X
Gift Slots: Four 75
Foraging V 80 X
Ingenuity V 80 X
Foraging VI 100 X
Gift Slots: Five 100
Ingenuity VI 100 X

School quests[edit]

Collection tasks require you to have the item collected in your inventory but do not require you to get the quest first. This means, for example, you can bring 200 Animal Hides to the trainer, get the quest, immediately do the turn in (Greet the trainer), get the quest again, do the turn in, and repeat twice more without moving from the trainer.

Craft tasks require you to make the items after you get the quest. The best way to do this is to bring a load of the raw material to a trainer next to a refining machine, get the quest, make the item, greet the trainer (turn in), get the quest, and so on until the material is used up.

Report tasks are delivery quests designed to show you where the Quartermasters are.

No quests found for Tailor.


Basic resource formulas[edit]

Tailors work in:

Armor formulas[edit]

Tailor can use:

Container formulas[edit]

Tailor can use:

Resource formulas[edit]

Tailor can use:

Weapon formulas[edit]

Tailors can use:
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