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Use this template to create a new article about a NPC.


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Create a new page[edit]


Template:NPC Summary parameters[edit]

{{NPC Summary
|x      = x coordinate
|y      = y coordinate
|job    = the NPC's job in this world
|rating = rating of the NPC
|school = school of the NPC
|health = hitpoints of the NPC
|port   = nearest location to the NPC (port)

Template:Sellsitem parameters[edit]

|Item name   The item's name, sets up the SMW-property [[Property:SellItem]] and links to it's article page.
|m         = mithril cost (optional)
|g         = gold cost (optional)
|s         = silver cost (optional)
|c         = copper cost (optional)
|altamount = alternative payment method cost (optional)
|altmethod = alternative payment method (optional)

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