The Scourge of Akkinelos (Part 1)

From Istaria Lexica

Quest type: Adventure
From NPC(s): Sentinel-Guide Lemnus
Required adventure school: Any (level: 50)
Locations: Frostwatch
Next quest(s): The Scourge of Akkinelos (Part 2)
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The Cult of Akkinelos has begun infiltrating the valley and Sentinel-Guide Lemnus worries that those who have been infected with the plague will spread further and wider if not contained quickly.

Quest text[edit]

Lemnus: Word of your deeds spreads, <Player>. Oh yes, even to this lonely outpost here on the fringes of the frozen north. Even here in the snows we cannot escape the dangers of those who would seek the return of ancient evils and ways.

These cults are of what I speak, <Player>. You are familiar with them to the south, yes? I have heard of Scorpus and of Telak, but they are far from the only gods who were shunned by the Pantheon now, were they?
Have you heard of Akkinelos? No? Not many have heard of the god of Ice and Sorrows, she who predated the rise of Nyrevin for the Fiend. Her cult has arisen and they are spreading like wildfire, <Player>. Their beliefs are dangerous, but worse they are infected with some sort of plague!
If they are not stopped, they will soon spread across all of the north! For now, however, they are confined to this valley and we can attack them... perhaps even destroy them! Will you assist the Sentinels with this task?

Return to Sentinel-Guide Lemnus at Frostwatch.

Lemnus: Very good, yes, that should help stop the spread of this deadly plague. You have my thanks, <Player>.


Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 30600
  • Money: 17 silver 500 copper