The Tomb of Ada-Korrous

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The Tomb of Ada-Korrous
Type: Errand
Voriss Bakal 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
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Required skill:
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Previous Quest: Vandus Confederation: The Problem with Cults (Part 3) 
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Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Relic of Barasavus, Scepter of Ada-Korrous

To the east of Tishlar lies the long-forgotten Tomb of Ada-Korrous. Vorris Bakar believes there may be relics within that could be recovered and studied (or sold).

Quest text[edit]

Voriss tells you, <player>, your reputation precedes you as one who gets things done. A problem solver, they say, but also a ferocious Reaver. I am an archaeologist and my favorite topic is ancient Barasavus. Well, not by training but by enthusiasm and trade. I will sit and research alongside Dennison Jadefellow himself one day!

Voriss tells you, Before I can do so I must prove to Dennison and the others that I am worthy of the seat! A great discovery, long lost artifacts or heirlooms, something of that sort will certainly qualify. I have a plan, <player>!

Voriss tells you, To the east of Tishlar lies the ancient Tomb of Ada-Korrous. Have you heard of him? No? He was a sorcerer who lived during the great years of the Kingdom of Barasavus. He was, in fact, a chief counselor of that ill-fated kingdom.

Voriss tells you, I have discovered records that claim he escaped the destruction of the city and kingdom, but was slain by his own followers in the chaos and devastation that followed. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any records regarding who built his tomb or even if he is truly resting there.

Voriss tells you, The great news for us is that Traders coming from Desert Shore have reported signs of activity within the tomb! So, there is something there whether it be guardians or Ada-Korrous himself. Regardless, that means there are likely artifacts to be found! We must investigate!

Voriss tells you, <player>, go find the tomb and recover any relics that lay within. I have it on good authority that Ada-Korrous carried a Gold-encrusted Scepter so search for that as well.

You have recovered sufficient relics to satisfy Voriss..

You have located the Scepter of Ada-Korrous himself!.

Voriss tells you, The Scepter! <player>, this is amazing. *she takes it from you, a gleam in her eye* Yes, this is what he held when *she glances at you suspiciously* Never you mind. Thank you, <player>.


Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 5675
  • Money: 4s 760c