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Destination pad: 21936 / 23452
Travel gate: 21909 / 23409
Shrine: 21907 / 23440
Available plots: 7
Available lairs: 2
Must be attuned by: Private Valn Saerig
Coordinates: 21936 / 23452
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Tishlar is a Settlement in the area of the Desert Shore, in the west of Aradoth.

NPCs and Creatures[edit]

NPC NameSchoolRatingXY
Amys ThoranWounded Adventurer521,67623,568
Gerin BolanWounded Adventurer621,67323,568
Private Mack VandusGuard4021,66723,543
Private Valn SaerigSpearman4221,92623,415
Rhobb TomasMilitary Surplus Officer4121,67823,580
Sergeant Benal TokashWarrior5121,68423,562
Trader Bilbor AbbledenQuartermaster3621,99423,321
Voriss BakalWarrior6521,68423,575

No named creatures seen here.
No creatures around.




Tazoon Region: Attunement to TishlarPrivate Valn Saerig0
The Amulet of ScorpusVoriss Bakal38
Vandus Militia: The Problem with Cults (Part 3)Sergeant Benal Tokash38
Recovery EffortsTrader Bilbor Abbleden38
Vandus Militia: The Reach of the Cult (1 of 2)Sergeant Benal Tokash38
Resupplying the SoldiersTrader Bilbor Abbleden38
Thoran Family Revenge (Part 1)Amys Thoran38
Vandus Militia: The Problem with Cults (Part 1)Sergeant Benal Tokash38
Thoran Family Revenge (Part 2)Amys Thoran38
Vandus Militia: The Problem with Cults (Part 2)Sergeant Benal Tokash38
The Tomb of Ada-KorrousVoriss Bakal40