Tree Axe

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Tree Axe
Skill required: Logging
Used at:
Creating a Tree Axe:
Required tool: Smithing Hammer
Required skill: Metalworking
Machine: Anvil
Bulk: 10
Hoard value:
Sell value:

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These metal tools are used to harvest logs from trees or dead treants using the Logging skill. Logs harvested are placed in your inventory or cargo disk. To use one, you must meet the minimum skill in Logging.

Starter Tree Axe[edit]

These Tree Axes are sold by Imperial vendors and handed out by crafting trainers to low level gifted to get them started.

Name Bulk Min Skill Skill Cap
Training Tree Axe 10 1 50
Refurbished Bronze Tree Axe 10 1 100

Use Requirements[edit]

Name Bulk Min Skill Skill Cap
Bronze Tree Axe 10 1 250
Iron Tree Axe 10 200 450
Steel Tree Axe 10 400 650
Cobalt Tree Axe 10 600 850
Mithril Tree Axe 10 800 -

Creation Requirements[edit]

Name Resource Need Min Skill Opt Skill Lowest Formula¹
Bronze Tree Axe Bronze Bar 12 - 6 1 100 Beginner Tree Axe
Iron Tree Axe Iron Bar 12 - 6 200 325 Beginner Tree Axe
Steel Tree Axe Steel Bar 12 - 6 400 550 Journeyman Tree Axe
Cobalt Tree Axe Cobalt Bar 12 - 6 600 775 Journeyman Tree Axe
Mithril Tree Axe Mithril Bar 12 - 6 800 1000 Expert Tree Axe
¹Lowest Level Formula in which it is found.

Usable Techniques[edit]

These techniques can be applied to tools.
Tool Socketing
Adventure: Augmentation
Adventure: Blight
Adventure: Energy
Adventure: Flame
Adventure: Ice
Adventure: Life
Adventure: Mind
Adventure: Nature
Adventure: Spirit
Armor Dye
All Weapon and Tool Dye Kits are useable
Craft: Alchemy
Craft: Armorcraft
Craft: Carpentry
Craft: Clothworking
Craft: Cooking
Craft: Earthencraft
Craft: Enchanting
Craft: Essence Harvesting
Craft: Essence Shaping
Craft: Essence Structuring
Craft: Fishing
Craft: Fitting
Craft: Fletching
Craft: Foraging
Craft: Gemworking
Craft: Jewelcraft
Craft: Leatherworking
Craft: Logging
Craft: Lumbering
Craft: Masonry
Craft: Metalworking
Craft: Mining
Craft: Papermaking
Craft: Preparing
Craft: Quarrying
Craft: Salvaging
Craft: Scribing
Craft: Sculpting
Craft: Smelting
Craft: Spellcraft
Craft: Spinning
Craft: Stoneworking
Craft: Tailoring
Craft: Tanning
Craft: Tinkering
Craft: Transmutation
Craft: Weaponcraft
Craft: Weaving
Craft: Woodworking
Statistic: Dexterity
Statistic: Focus
Statistic: Health
Statistic: Power
Statistic: Strength
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