Valkor's Blood Talon

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Valkor's Blood Talon
Forged in fire, but quenched in blood. The screams of the souls it has feasted upon echo into eternity.
Weapon type: Claw
Level required: 90
Skill: Tooth and Claw
Skill required: 900
Damage type: Slash
Damage: 75-101
Delay: 27
Range: Melee
Creating Valkor's Blood Talon:
Required tool: Dragon Scalecraft (Ability)
Required skill: Dragon Scalecraft
Machine: Scale Forge
Bulk: 64
Hoard value:
Sell value:
Tier: Tier 6

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Created using the formula Epic Claw: Blood Talon.

The Valkor's Blood Talon is an Epic Weapon obtained from Valkor The Impaler, which are also called Valkor Weapons. It is equipped in the Dragon Claw slot and the character must have the appropriate Tooth and Claw to wield the weapon.

Once equipped, this weapon is attuned and can not be traded.

Usable By[edit]

Valkor's Blood Talons can be used by: Dragon Adventurer



+120 Tooth and Claw
+100 Strength

10% Chance: Bloodbath

  • 100% of damage done given to attacker
  • Extra Damage: 31-34 Spirit (Ethereal)
  • Duration: 0:45
  • Frequency: 0:06
  • Area: 10

Creation Requirements[edit]

The formula is obtained from Vargas the Bold.

Resource Need Min Skill Opt Skill Skill

Blood Essence
Scale Anchor
Scale Sharpener
Unformed Scale




Dragon Scalecraft