Go Fishing for Thanthor the Fisher

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Quest type: Crafting
From NPC(s): Thanthor the Fisher
Required adventure school: Any (level: 10)
Locations: Bridgeview
Previous quest(s): Help Out Thanthor the Fisher
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Thanthor was injured and needs help fishing and getting healed.


  1. Gather fifty (50) fresh minnows for Thanthor
  2. Return to Thanthor with the Minnows
  3. Take the basket of minnows to Melli in Sslanis.
  4. Speak with Melli
  5. Speak with Sshranu the Alchemist
  6. Take the potion of healing to Thanthor


  • 3000 Adventure experience
  • 3000 Crafter experience
  • Thanthors Gift (+10 fishing +10 evasion Gift for 2 hours--cast on you, needs free gift slot)
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