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Istaria: what is it all about?

The original Horizons logo

Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed by Virtrium, LLC. It has been released in december of 2003 by Artifact Entertainment, entitled as Horizons: Empire of Istaria. The game comes with a wide variety of different fantasy characters, including playable, flying dragons. Currently there are 11 races, 28 adventure schools and 22 craft schools available.

The game's play style is based on a player versus environment (PvE) system. Player versus player (PvP) is still possible in a restricted area. Adventure the game by combining powers of different classes. Istaria's multiclass system lets you choose between the abilities of more than one school at any time. However, full power will only come to the class you selected to be the active one on your adventures.

Craft your own equipment to become even more powerful. Crafting is a big part of the game, almost anything you may obtain is crafted by players: houses, lairs, weapons, equipment, tools, and so on. Own a lair or a plot of land in settlements to build your residence. Aid others to build theirs. Several hundreds of formulas are waiting to be worked by your skilled hands.

About Istaria Lexica

We are proud to provide you with information about the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Istaria. The Istaria Lexica is, like most other wikis, a community driven project. Players of Istaria commit updates and new information to the wiki to provide it to everyone.

Istaria Lexica was born when the two founders, Terao Tar and Elteria Shadowhand, met each other for the first time in real life on April 30th, 2015. Both were pretty enthusiastic wiki editors already and had a good experience on the MediaWiki software. On the real life event, which was visited by a few other Istarian players from the Order shard, too, both agreed on the fact that the community should be given a chance to join in on harvesting information and support others with their knowledge. The agreeing nodding of other attendees was a clear sign that we're on a good plan.

So the journey began. To prepare a wiki system for a group of players who never worked on a wiki before. How should they learn it? This is a basic task Istaria Lexica takes care of. Everyone shall be able to commit knowledge without knowing too much about wikis and learning into things they wouldn't want to. While creating simple guides and templates for the community, the founders provide support as good as possible for wiki newcomers. For example by offering dialogues on the site or having chats about any issues directly in the game.

Join the Istaria Lexica community and help us become a great resource for Istaria - Chronicles of the Gifted!

Help us on the Wiki!

It is much easier to add missing information as you would think! The more helpers the wiki aquires, the better information is provided to Istaria's community.

Everyone is encouraged to provide information in any way they desire. Contacting committers, doing comments, talk to each other in the game; everything is okay and very welcome. Everyone is free to edit pages without any bad manipulation afterwards. Wikis are free for everyone and everyone shall be free to edit without fears of harm or 'having done something wrong'. Editing in a wiki means adding what you currently know. If it's not much or even wrong, that's no problem. You are able to edit at any time, to update anything and others may aswell correct or enhance by chance, without any rant. That's the way a wiki lives. That's the way a community lives.

For a first start into the wiki world we created 'The Gifted's guide to the Istaria Lexica Wiki'. It is written especially for Istarian players and has a progressive structure; if you are not able to handle a certain difficulty you can still go back to easier tasks. Other users can assist you, too. Simply start a thread on their talk page: active users and administrators are a good way to aquire hints.
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6 active users
Player made trailer:

Have a look into...

Videos created by Racktor. Thanks for letting us share it!

Blight Delta 313.3 - The Fixer Delta
The following changes have been captured and will be applied to the Blight server soon.
  • Moderate Stun, Short Stun, Long Stun, Longer Stun, Extra Long Stun will properly give Stun Resistance at the end of their timer.
  • Confused I, Confused II and Maddened (all Tiers) will properly give Mesmerize Resistance at the end of their timer.
  • Extra Long Stun and Confused II are no longer removable.
  • Outfitter school properly gains 7 Quarrying, 8 Jewelcraft, and 8 Gemworking skill per level.
  • Akhanis won’t use his psychic powers on players so they won’t see two of him anymore.
  • Fallen log now has the proper requirement to be gathered.
  • Corsair’s Rest is now populated with enemies.
  • Fixed quest “Feladan-in-Exile is No More” so that speaking with Seneschal Allambe will move the quest forward again.
  • Grammatical fix in quest “The Patience of a Dragon”.

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2021-09-17 16:16:00
Chaos: Unscheduled Restart
Chaos has been restarted and also has the structure storage fix.
2021-09-01 05:57:23
Live Client 404.93.0


  • Istaria Map sometimes truncates Genevia or land near the western border of the world.
  • Launch window tweaks / tutorials for pets / wallet
  • Create Pet "Wallet" for buttons at top
  • Vault Window fix for buttons at top
2021-08-27 07:57:08
Live Client 404.91.0


  • Rename Pets to Companions in UI
  • Fix NPC Chatter turning on in NPC chat windows
  • Update icons and some phrasing in UI
2021-08-26 10:51:14
Live Client 404.90.0


  • When you get a pet, feedback tells you it goes into the Pet Stable.


  • Fixed Item Creation window moving towards the bottom right of the screen if a new formula is selected with the window already open.
  • Fixed new NPC Chatter chat channel not being automatically enabled for chat tabs that would have heard the chatter before the new channel was added.
  • Fixed some text labels in Character Creation and NPC Window being invisible when using UI scaling.
2021-08-24 07:11:02
Live Client 404.87.0


  • New characters will automatically join ‘new player’ channels.


  • Pets and buddy will no longer consume stack
  • Fix issues with UI slightly moving and UI scale is being set to strange values
2021-08-21 12:30:41
Chaos and Order Restart

We're going to restart Chaos and Order at 5:00 am PDT on Friday to roll out the following fixes:

  • Fixed issue where players could receive duplicate death points under certain conditions.
  • Fixed issues with quests not counting kills properly.
2021-08-19 20:20:31
Blight Sim/Client Update
  • Fixed issue where players could receive duplicate death points under certain conditions.
  • Fixed issues with quests not counting kills properly.


2021-08-19 11:40:54
Content Update 21.2: Gifted Beginnings

Content Summary

  • New Trismus has been reimagined, with a brand new storyline following a dark threat brewing beneath the island. The square can now be repaired and maintained by the Gifted, less it fall into dark disrepair once more.
  • The Kion Militia are now facing new and more interesting threats under the Scorched Legion for you as the Gifted to fight. The story begins through the Disturbance questline with Commander Jaleo Devins.
  • In the south of the Lesser Aradoth, Scale-Guard Kerrak of the Sslanis Militia needs your aid to defend the stone city against the encroaching Withered Aegis.
  • The long-empty Floating Island has been given a new purpose by - and for - Dragons. Begin the questline with BattleMaster Talaurukar in the Imperial Army Camp. Your naka’duskael allies can attune to the island by Kerileth.
  • The island of Genevia has been given a facelift, with various towns that can be rebuilt to house useful merchants surrounded by open plots.
  • A new wallet-like window has been added for Pets, you can access it from the Gem menu - if your pet appears to be missing from your inventory, please check the new Pets window!

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2021-08-18 09:13:51
Wednesday Maintenance
The live shards have been shut down for the deployment of Update 21.2 "Gifted Beginnings"! The time estimate from the server team is 6-8 hours to apply and verify the update. Gifted Beginnings features the return of New Trismus in its former glory with an exciting revamped questline and an engaging system to protect the nostalgic city from the Blight, revamped Kion and Sslanis Militia questlines, Genevia rebuilding, technical bug fixes, and so much more! 
2021-08-18 04:02:01