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Titles are special abilities, granting your character's name an additional suffix or prefix. Some of them also add bonuses to skills.


Titles are obtained through quest rewards (Category:Emblem). Some of them are also bought from NPCs like Town Marshalls.

Available Titles[edit]

Title: A Reel Fisherman+40 FishingEarn Title: A Reel FishermanFishing 10,000 Trouts
Title: AFK Away from KeyboardCosts 250c
Title: Antidote Expert+50 AlchemyEarn Title: Antidote ExpertCreate 1,000 Greater Antidotes
Title: Apprentice Fisherman+10 FishingEarn Title: Apprentice FishermanFishing 10,000 Minnows
Title: Avenger of the Iron Guard+50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
Earn Title: Avenger of the Iron GuardsKill 500 Corrupted Iron Guards.
Title: Balit's FriendKill the Werewolf Named Eyetooth
Title: Beetle Crusher+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
+50 Spirit
Earn Title: Beetle CrusherKill 1,000 Brachina Beetles
Title: Beetle Squisher+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
Earn Title: Beetle SquisherKill 500 Brachina Beetles
Title: Beetle Swatter+5 DamageEarn Title: Beetle SwatterKill 250 Brachina Beetles
Title: Champion of the Iron Guard+50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
+50 Spirit
Earn Title: Champion of the Iron GuardsKill 1,000 Corrupted Iron Guards
Title: Chef+25 CookingRare Foods: Dinner? Impossible!
Title: Creepy Crawler Crusher+50 FlameEarn Title: Creepy Crawler CrusherKill 100 Carrion Crawlers
Title: Crystal-SmasherEarn Title: Crystal SmasherKill 50 Wrathful Azulars.
Title: Defender of New TrismusValor and Vigilance: Discovering The Hard Facts
Title: Defender of SslanisSslanis Militia: Assault on the DeadKill Lord Urden and 5 Rotted Priests.
Title: Defender of the Iron GuardEarn Title: Defender of the Iron GuardsKill 250 Corrupted Iron Guards
Title: Demon SlayerEarn Title: Demon SlayerKill Son of Gigaroth 20 times
Title: Dung Reeking+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
Earn Title: Dung Fighter Title the SecondKill 500 Dung Piles
Title: Dung SplatteredEarn Title: Dung Fighter Title the FirstKill 200 Dung Piles
Title: Dung of Eternal Stench+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
+50 Energy
Earn Title: Dung Fighter Title the ThirdKill 1,000 Dung Piles
Title: Emblem of the Gifted+8 Strength
+8 Power
Trials of the Gifted: The Trials Completed
Title: Enemy of Automation+50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
Earn Title: Enemy of AutomationFor killing 80 Warped Automatons.
Title: Enemy of Bioscholars+50 One Hand PierceEarn Title: Enemy of BioscholarsKill 100 Bioscholars
Title: Enemy of TechnomancersEarn Title: Enemy of TechnomancersKill 100 Technomancers
Title: Expert AlchemistLevel 100 Alchemist
Title: Expert ArmorerLevel 100 Armorer
Title: Expert BlacksmithLevel 100 Blacksmith
Title: Expert CarpenterLevel 100 Carpenter
Title: Expert ConfectionerLevel 100 Confectioner
Title: Expert CrystalshaperLevel 100 Crystalshaper
Title: Expert Dragon CrafterLevel 100 Dragon Crafter
Title: Expert EnchanterLevel 100 Enchanter
Title: Expert FitterLevel 100 Fitter
Title: Expert FletcherLevel 100 Fletcher
Title: Expert GathererLevel 100 Gatherer
Title: Expert JewelerLevel 100 Jeweler
Title: Expert LairshaperLevel 100 Lairshaper
Title: Expert MasonLevel 100 Mason
Title: Expert MinerLevel 100 Miner
Title: Expert OutfitterLevel 100 Outfitter
Title: Expert ScholarLevel 100 Scholar
Title: Expert SpellcrafterLevel 100 Spellcrafter
Title: Expert TailorLevel 100 Tailor
Title: Expert TinkererLevel 100 Tinkerer
Title: Expert WeaponsmithLevel 100 Weaponsmith
Title: Expert WeaverLevel 100 Weaver
Title: ExterminatorEarn Title: ExterminatorKill 75 Ulmus Beetles
Title: Fisherman+20 FishingEarn Title: FishermanFishing 10,000 Bluegills
Title: Fly SwatterEarn Title: Muck Fly SwatterKill 250 Muck Flies
Title: Forest Skulk AvengerEarn Title: Skulk AvengerKill 500 Forest Skulks
Title: Forest Skulk SlayerEarn Title: Skulk SlayerKill 200 Forest Skulks
Title: Free GrantVault of Istaria: Conclusion
Title: Friend of the NorthAmtoo's Failure III
Title: Friend of the SatyrRelics of a Dead People
Title: Frost's Bane
Title: Grand Master CrafterLevel 100 all Crafting Schools
Title: Grand Master Dragon CrafterMark of the Grand Master Dragon CrafterLevel 100: Dragon Crafter, Dragon Lairshaper, Dragon Crystalshaper
Title: Grave-Digger+2 DamageEarn Title: Grave-DiggerKill 150 Tomb Guards
Title: Helian's Protector+20 Primal
+20 Tooth and Claw
Helian's Tomb: Final Desecration
Title: Hooked on Fishin'+30 FishingEarn Title: Hooked on Fishin'Fishing 10,000 Bass
Title: Imperial Sell SwordDelgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: For the Empire
Title: InvestigatorVault of Istaria: Investigation
Title: Iron Confectioner+10 CookingThe Iron Confectioner
Title: Journeyman LairshaperLevel 40 Lairshaper
Title: Keymaker+25 TinkeringEarn Title: KeymakerCraft 100 Adamantium Keys
Title: Keymaster+50 TinkeringEarn Title: KeymasterCraft 250 Adamantium Keys
Title: Kion MilitiaCarry Warnings to Other Militias
Title: Knowledge Seeker EmblemRelic Hunter: Learn about the Lost Settlement
Title: LFG Looking for GroupCosts 250c
Title: Looking For Role-PlayCosts 250c
Title: Lore MasterEarn Title: Lore MasterCreate 250 Dragon Journal Sets
Title: Lore SeekerEarn Title: Lore SeekerCreate 100 Dragon Journal Sets
Title: Master BuilderLevel 100 in 5 crafting schools
Title: Master LairshaperLairshaping Mastery EmblemLevel 100: Crystalshaper and Lairshaper
Title: Member of the Clerical Order+20 LifeThe Holy Symbols
Title: Myloc Hunter+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
Earn Title: Myloc HunterFor killing 500 mylocs.
Title: Myloc Slayer+10 DamageEarn Title: Myloc SlayerKill 200 Mylocs
Title: Mylocs' Bane+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
+50 Spirit
Earn Title: Mylocs' BaneKill 1,000 Mylocs
Title: Nemesis of the MylocsGaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 5)
Title: Private of the Iron GuardDralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Hammer of Kings
Title: Protector of the PastHoly Symbols: The Tomb of Ashlander
Title: PurifierEarn Title: PurifierCast 250x Cure Poison
Title: Relic Hunter+5 DamageEarn Title: Relic HunterCreate 50 Dwarven Relics
Title: Relic Protector+10 DamageEarn Title: Relic ProtectorCreate 100 Dwarven Relics
Title: Research Assistant
Title: Savior of the SatyrThe Satyr: The Machine of Inhibition
Title: Scorpion Hunter+50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
Earn Title: Scorpion HunterKill 500 Hunter Scorpions
Title: Scorpion SlayerEarn Title: Scorpion SlayerKill 200 Hunter Scorpions
Title: Scorpions' Bane+50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
+50 Ice
Earn Title: Scorpions' BaneKill 1,000 Hunter Scorpions
Title: Slayer of ChickensFarmer Idamon's Chicken Troubles II
Title: Spider SlayerEarn Title: Spider SlayerKill 150 Dark Crawlers
Title: Storm MasterStorm Disciple: The Way of the Storm
Title: The AgedLoyalty: Title - The AgedChar needs to be created 500 days ago
Title: The Angler+50 FishingEarn Title: The AnglerFishing 10,000 Mackarel
Title: The ExperiencedLoyalty: Title - The ExperiencedChar needs to be created 365 days ago
Title: The HonoredLoyalty: Title - The HonoredChar needs to be created 3,000 days ago
Title: The ImmortalLoyalty: Title - The ImmortalChar needs to be created 5,000 days ago
Title: The JustPlundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal Rest (2)
Title: The MatureLoyalty: Title - The MatureChar needs to be created 100 days ago
Title: The PerpetualLoyalty: Title - The PerpetualChar needs to be created 4,000 days ago
Title: The PreservationistAratanosh: Memories of the EldersLoot 250 memories of the lost elders.
Title: The Riddle Solver+10 FocusDaily Riddle: The Blacksmith and the Emperor
Title: The Shatterer+20 Tooth and Claw
+20 Primal
Earn Title: The ShattererKill 100 Wrathful Azulars
Title: The VenerableLoyalty: Title - The VenerableChar needs to be created 2,000 days ago
Title: The VeteranLoyalty: Title - The VeteranChar needs to be created 1,000 days ago
Title: Treasure HunterEarn Title: Treasure HunterLoot 25 chests
Title: Treasure PlundererEarn Title: Treasure PlundererLoot 100 chests
Title: Unsung HeroDelgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: Need A Hero
Title: Vandus Militia+20 One Hand Pierce
+20 Ice
The Forest Skulk Threat II
Title: Wolf Hunter+3 DamageRanger: Wolf HunterRanger questline in Feladan

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