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Statistical attributes are a relevant part of the players abilities to 'do something'. They directly affect both,adventure skills and crafting skills.

Simple examples: While some of them increase the ability to damage an enemy, others may be helpful while crafting items or even avoiding incoming damage.

Attribute Brief description
Strength Increases damage output for physical adventure skills (One Hand Slash, Bow, One Hand Pierce, etc.)
Dexterity Increases the possibility to avoid incoming physical damage and the chance to hit on those.
Power Increases damage output for magical adventure skills (Spells, Flame, Ice, Spirit, etc.)
Focus Increases the chance to hit with magical skills and the possibility to avoind incoming magical hits.
Health Represents how much damage a character can take until death.
Armor Decrases incoming physical damage.
Ethereal Armor Decreses ethereal damage.
Evasion Reduces the chance to hit on physical attacks.
Magic Evasion Reduces the chance to hit on magical attacks.
Speed Indicates on how fast a character can run.
Fly Speed Indicates on how fast a dragon can fly.


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