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Alchemists are a specialized craft school associated with the Scholar although Gatherers also gain the needed skills, requiring arcane understanding inherent in their associated School before being able to join. They use specially prepared essence along with a myriad of other resources to craft potent potions, with effects that usually give those who imbibe them fantastical abilities.

Skills and stats[edit]

Skill Points Lvl 100
Alchemy 10 1000
Armor Use 7 700
Earthencraft 8 800
Enchanting 8 800
Essence Harvesting 8 800
Essence Shaping 9 900
Foraging 8 800
Ingenuity 10 1000
Quarrying 7 700
Transmutation 8 800
Stat Points Lvl 100
Health 5 500
Strength 2 200
Dexterity 2 200
Power 7 700
Focus 9 900

Trainers and requirements[edit]

NameFormulas soldLocated atxy
Ghent FlaskshaperExpert
Requirements to join
Essence Harvesting 100
Essence Shaping 100

Abilities gained by level[edit]

Ability (* = Masterable) Level earnedd
Earthencraft I* 1
Essence Harvesting I* 1
Foraging I* 1
Ingenuity I* 1
Quarrying I* 1
Earthencraft II* 20
Essence Harvesting II* 20
Foraging II* 20
Ingenuity II* 20
Quarrying II* 20
Gift Slots: Two* 25
Earthencraft III* 40
Essence Harvesting III* 40
Foraging III* 40
Ingenuity III* 40
Quarrying III* 40
Gift Slots: Three* 50
Ability (* = Masterable) Level earnedd
Earthencraft IV* 60
Essence Harvesting IV* 60
Foraging IV* 60
Ingenuity IV* 60
Quarrying IV* 60
Gift Slots: Four* 75
Earthencraft V* 80
Essence Harvesting V* 80
Foraging V* 80
Ingenuity V* 80
Quarrying V* 80
Earthencraft VI* 100
Essence Harvesting VI* 100
Foraging VI* 100
Gift Slots: Five* 100
Ingenuity VI* 100
Quarrying VI* 100

School quests[edit]

NameStarts withTypeLevelRewards
Ahala's Sweet Brew (Quest)Ahala BruttienCrafting80Ahala's Sweet Brew (Formula)
Niesa's Draught (Part 4)Giltekh FramtorErrand85
Niesa's Draught (Part 5)Grandmaster BarrakhenAdventure85Niesa's Draught (Formula)
Niesa's Legacy (Part 1)NiesaErrand90Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy (Part 10)AerilyaErrand90King of Potions Draught
Niesa's Legacy (Part 3)NiesaCrafting90Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy (Part 4)NiesaAdventure90Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy (Part 5)NiesaCrafting90Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy (Part 6)NiesaErrand90
Niesa's Legacy (Part 7)Giltekh FramtorAdventure90Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy (Part 8)NiesaErrand90
Niesa's Legacy (Part 9)Grandmaster BarrakhenErrand90
Niesa's Legacy - Blighted Carapace Powder (Part 2d)NiesaCrafting90Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy - ConclusionNiesaErrand90Formula: King of Potions Draught
Niesa's Legacy - Diamond Vial (Part 2a)NiesaCrafting90Junk Item
Formula: Diamond Vial
Niesa's Legacy - Pure Water (Part 2b)NiesaCrafting90Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy - Shadowstem Paste (Part 2c)NiesaCrafting90Junk Item
Niesa's Rub (Quest)Giltekh FramtorCrafting85Niesa's Rub (Formula)
Sshranu's Pet ProjectSshranuCrafting0Sshranu's Polymorph Potion: Wisp
Sshranu's Polymorph Potion: Cow
Sshranu's Polymorph Potion: Doe
Sshranu's Polymorph Potion: Buck
Sshranu's Polymorph Potion: Sheep
Sshranu's Polymorph Potion: Chicken
Sshranu's Polymorph Potions
The Focus of the MylocGaileachAdventure100Elixir of the Myloc's Focus Formula
The Strength of the MylocGaileachAdventure100Elixir of the Myloc's Strength
Elixir of the Myloc's Strength Formula


Potion formulas[edit]

Resource formulas[edit]

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