Grandmaster Barrakhen

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Grandmaster Barrakhen
Location: Kirasanct
Rating: 105
School: Alchemist
Health: 20
Coordinates: 23913 / 28061
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Barrakhen tells you, I am too busy to speak with you at the moment, <player>. Please leave before I call the Sentinels.

Sells Purified Essence Power and Stone Bowl formulas, for Gaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part_2) quest.


In a small room, behind the main trainers, same floor as the pad. From the pad, head towards the trainers (stairs). Do no enter the doorway to the stairs. Instead turn left or right, and run along the wall to the back.

Quests available[edit]

Niesa's Draught (Part 5)85
Niesa's Legacy (Part 9)90

Grandmaster Barrakhen sells:

Item Cost
Purified Essence Powder 325Silver 
Stone Bowl 375Silver