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Epic Item

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Epic Items are created by master crafters. Some of the components are obtained from Epic Monsters while some others are bought off merchants. They are very difficult to obtain and it takes much time and patience to get your desired epic item.


Obtaining and creating Epic items involving tokens, daily quests, and loot for all those involved in the kill. Bosses are now classified as Greater or Lesser

Epic Creature Items[edit]

Reklar Items
Reklar's Chaos Chakram
Reklar's Cudgel of Power
Reklar's Sash of Fury
Reklar's Tail Scale of Power
Reklar's Tail Scale of Strength
Reklar's Tower Shield
Shaloth Items
Blood of the Myloc Queen
Spell Tech Kit: Mental Bane
The Harbinger
Son Of Gigaroth Items
Demon's Blood Battle-Axe
Demon's Claw
Demon's Fist Maul
Demon's Flurry
Demonbane Spike
Demonskin Staff
Valkor Items
Bloodthorn Bow
Bloodthorn Staff
Valkor's Blood Sword
Valkor's Blood Talon